There has been, as has seemed perpetual over the last few months or so, a lot of bad news about recently. Whether we are driving to distraction over racism, looking at football clubs that are staring into the financial abyss or lamenting the death of anything approaching civility within our national game, putting our heads above the parapets of modern football for longer than a fraction of a second can be a thoroughly dispiriting experience, and it can become a thorough bind to even seek to engage with the wider world of football at times.

Sometimes, however, we can relay something a little more positive back to you, even at the darkest of times. Regular readers of this site will be more than aware of the situation at Blue Square Premier club Darlington, where administration has been entered into for the third time in less than a decade and there seems, at the time of writing little chance of the club being rescued this time. Faced with the prospect of Saturday’s trip to Barrow potentially being the club’s last match, one supporter has movingly explained why his fellow supporters should make this trip and in doing so has tapped into some fundamental truths about what drags us all into the gravitational pull of this frequently infuriating game.

You can read it here, but also take a moment to read the replies from supporters of clubs the length and breadth of the country. Every time a football club – no matter what its size – is threatened with closure in this way, a nerve is touched that frequently transcends the rivalries that we come across every day. If you can spare it, a few pounds towards their fund to help their players and staff out through this difficult time would also be greatly appreciated.

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(Apologies to those of you that saw me mention this on Twitter last night, by the way – this post is for the benefit of those of you that don’t use social media)