This week’s Video Of The Week is the second in the series of “Match Of The Seventies” videos, as hosted by Dennis Waterman. The 1971/72 football season was significant for several different reasons. Brian Clough’s Derby County pipped Leeds United to the Football League championship, evening matches were banned by the government as the energy crisis kicked in and Hereford United knocked Newcastle United out of the FA Cup thanks to Ronnie Radford’s right foot suddenly taking on the properties of a traction engine. Meanwhile, Rodney Marsh stood accused of losing Manchester City the league championship and George Best received a death threat from the IRA. In the summer of 1972, there was a sign of things to come as West Germany destroyed England at Wembley in the European Championships. This video is in five handy bite-sized chunks.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five