It seems appropriate that, in the week after rumours of his departure from the managerial position at Ipswich Town started to do the rounds, our Video Of The Week should be about one of the more complex characters of the last twenty years or so of English football, Roy Keane. Keane’s journey from Cobh Ramblers to Manchester United and the captaince of the Republic of Ireland has been well documented, but this programme tells his story as well as anywhere, including his fractious relationship with Brian Clough at his first club, Nottingham Forest, the inconsistent explanations over that tackle on Alfe-Inge Haaland and his dispute with Mick McCarthy prior to the 2002 World Cup finals, a dispute that ended his international career long before it had run its natural course.

It is ultimately difficult to escape the fact that Keane ultimately lost out as a result of the Saipan rant. Roy Keane, who had the mental image of giving everything to the Irish cause, had bailed on his team-mates and walked away. For someone that placed so much importance upon commitment, his departure from the squad didn’t exact swell his legions of fans, and the Ireland team, under McCarthy, went on to reach the last sixteen of the World Cup finals. We will never know whether they might have gone further with Keane in the team and firing on all cylinders. This is a documentary that attempts to get under the skin of Roy Keane and gets close a couple of times, but it is possible that we will never really know the real Roy Keane.