Sitting and fiddling with the code for this site this evening, in the back of my mind was a familiar old concern. What if I make an absolute hash of something on here mess it all up. It has happened before, and there are no words that can accurately describe that heart-in-the-throat sinking feeling that comes with the knowledge that something has gone horribly wrong which frantically pressing “Control” and “Z” can’t rectify. This feeling is exacerbated by the fact that many football bloggers are, to a lesser or greater extent, on their own, and that finding a solution to a problem can be a race against time if the site has to be closed for maintenance while a problem is fixed.

Blogging is a tricky business. Blogger or WordPress? How to touch up images to make them fit a site without breaking the sites design or the images themselves? A level of technical of knowledge is required and most of us merely want to get on with our writing. Yet we all have skills and knowledge that we can pass to each other and, regardless of this, there is a place for a network that can’t be filled by the 140 character limitations of Twitter, which is where many of us hang out at present. A place for mutual support and help, where those of us that spend our time sweating over our keyboards can get away from it all and “talk shop”.

It is with this in mind that we are pleased to relaunch the Twohundredpercent forum as a forum for football bloggers. It is important to quickly point out that this is not a football forum, for talking about the game itself (yet). This is a forum solely for those of us that run the sites to come to in order to discuss the finer points of what may or may not be our “art”. As you can see, it’s pretty empty at the moment, and the reason for that is so that it is a blank slate, for the members to mould as they wish. Registration is required, but it shouldn’t take a minute to do so and hopefully it will complement such resources as the Socrates Meet Up site as a handy reference point for those that wish to set up a football site of their own, or who are already running one.

If you’re still reading by this point, hopefully you’re interested. If you are, feel free to register here, and we’ll see you over there.

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