So, there are just ninety-eight days left until the start of the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa. As a very small number of you may be aware, this site started out as a World Cup site almost four years ago and we plan to mark the coming of our second World Cup finals with a build-up to and coverage of the tournament that will make your eyes and ears bleed with their luxuriousness. Some of you may note a slight change of tone over our coverage of the World Cup – there may be a tendency for this site to let its hair down for the World Cup and treat it with the curious mixture of mockery and reverence that it deserves.

To kick off, it’s time to introduce a completely new concept to internet coverage of football – the World Cup website theme tune. After careful consideration, the Twohundredpercent theme tune for the 2010 World Cup will be a song called “To Whom It May Concern”, which some of you – in particular our Irish readers – may recognise as the title music to the long running RTE television show, The Late Late Show, “To Whom It May Concern”, by Chris Andrews. We are willing to concede very African, but it has at least it has thumping drums and a nice, retro feel to it. You can listen to it here.

What, then, can you look forward to over the next few weeks? Well, we’ll be revisiting some of the subjects that we covered four years ago, only embellished with four years’ worth of experience (and extra research that wasn’t done or wasn’t available four years ago), making rash predictions about what will happen this summer, bringing you some extra Shit Shot Mungo, as Mungo McCrackas lands himself a job as a television pundit in South Africa. If you have any suggestions to anything that you would like to see on here in the run-up to the competition, feel free to email us (the address is at the top of the page) or leave a comment here. Of course, everything else will continue as per normal. To get you in the mood, here is a montage of World Cup opening titles from the BBC and ITV.