Sorry we’re a day late with your weekly links, but everything has been a little up in the air and, of course, the weekend’s activities involving Lord Triesman required comment that couldn’t really be postponed. Anyway, this week’s links contain the application of Soccernomics to the World Cup, the pros and cons of allowing comments on your site, a sneak peak at next year’s Manchester United change shirt and a full review of the 2009/10 season in Scotland, as well as little more comment about the behaviour of the British press over the last couple of days.

– As the general consensus starts to build that England’s bid for the 2018 World Cup is now hopelessly dead in the water, The Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct have issued a joint statement attacking the Mail On Sunday and calling on those that are in a position to do so to do what they can to salvage something from the wreckage. Meanwhile, Who Ate All The Pies share the viewpoint of this site, which is that no reasonably minded English football supporter should consider buying that particular rag (or, indeed, its sister paper) again.

“Got, Got, Got, Need” is an art exhibition taking place in London next month which will be featuring thirty-two footballers, each of which will be represented by a Panini-esque portrait. All proceeds will be going to charity, so if you’ve been looking for a large picture of Roque Santa Cruz to adorn your living room wall, your long search might just be over.

– The Scottish football site Inside Left offers a full and frank review of the season north of the border, and concludes that Rangers championship was all the more remarkable for the financial crisis through which they had to battle to lift the title.

– Tom Dunmore is taking a vacation from Pitch Invasion, but his stand-in Andrew Guest has begun what promises to be an entertaining series of group previews for the World Cup through the medium of the application of what is starting to become known as Soccernomics. He kicks off, unsurprisingly, with Group A, and concludes that if there were any justice in the world, South Africa and Mexico would qualify for the second round.

– Following on from the antics that came to pass on this site at the end of last week (although in a completely unrelated post), Fake Sigi is pondering whether he should just remove the facility to comment from his excellent site. For someone that is writing unpaid, it is frequently infuriating to find that our hard work is met with little more than abuse from people that don’t even have the brass balls to submit their real names or email addresses when they post their bile.

– Finally, considering that Manchester United can probably expect a slump in shirt sales this summer anyway, is now the best time to be releasing an away kit that looks like a training top from the 1990s? Football Shirt Culture has a leaked picture and it’s not confirmed yet, but it will surely look better in one of those over-stylised promo pictures that Nike are so fond of. Still, at least it’s better than next season’s Brighton & Hove Albion goalkeeper’s shirt, which, for reasons best known to the designer and, presumably, the designer alone, has a giant picture of a spider splayed across the front of it.