I didn’t put anything up on here last night because I was fiddling about doing geeky things. Unforgiveable, I know. I have to say that I’ve never been enormously impressed with Blogger and the templates and CSS, and since I’ve been using WordPress I’ve found that it’s much more intuitive, better to look at and easier on the eye. So, last night I ported the whole of this blog over there. You can see it here. Now, the decision is down to you. Take a look at it and post your comments on here – then I’ll take a decision over whether to keep this place running on here or call it a day with Blogger and keep going on WordPress. To make this all a bit easier, I’ve even gone to the trouble of creating a little online poll. I’ll leave this at the top here for a couple of days, so please take the trouble to click on one of the answers below.

Should I keep 200percent here, or shift it over to WordPress?
Yes. I fear change.
No. Move it over. Blogger is rubbish,
Can’t you just keep them both running at the same time?
What are you talking about? I only came here for
pictures of ducks dressed as footballers.
(Sorry – had to change the poll to somewhere less infuriating)