I’ve spent most of this evening looking around for geek-tastic things to put on here after the World Cup has finished. You may well all die of excitement. Under normal circumstances, I would have put this on afterwards, but it is World Cup related. Whilst taking a look at Technocrati earlier this evening, I noted a link to The Great Gubba Fiasco on a blog called “The Spirit Of Football”. Well, I kind of got sucked into it, and it’s brilliant. Best of all is this post about their visit to see St Pauli play Trinidad in Hamburg. There’s no other club in the world like FC St Pauli. You can read more about them here. It is one of my life-long ambitions to see them play at the Millerntor, and I am enormously, enormously jealous. More gubbins at some point tomorrow, including (time permitting) a definitive guide to how to make football better. I’ll do my utmost to resist the temptation to say “make them play in clown costumes”.