Ah, Monday morning. A time of hope, rebirth and… sitting at work, staring out of the window and wishing the next five days away. Of course, the internet has made this task  a little easier, and we’re going to each Monday morning from now on with a short list of bits and bobs that have drawn our attention over the last few days or so. If you happen to see anything that warrants a place on this *cough* “prestigious” list, feel free to drop us a line using the Contact page, which is linked from the top of this page. Anyway, here’s six of the best from the last seven days.

– Our friends at Cafe Calcio have been broadcasting their radio show via London’s Resonance FM for the last year and a half. You can now get your grubby mitts on every episode that they have ever recorded via their Soundcloud page.

– This fascinating episode of The London Programme from November 1983 is on the subject of football hooliganism. It meets a couple of Chelsea supporters and looks at the authorities attempts to keep a lid on a situation that was clearly already well out of control.

– Random Thoughts Re Scots Law is a website about the law in Scotland, but over the last few days its writer has been looking very closely at the administration of Rangers FC. This article contrasts their position with another Scottish company with a similar number of employees that has got itself into trouble.

Second Yellow looks at a rare victory for Portsmouth supporters in their recent battle over the future of the club.

– Meanwhile, The Two Unfortunates looks at the possibility that mere sustainability isn’t enough for lower division football clubs. “Degrowth” may become an important buzzword over the next few months or so.

– And finally, you can plan your week’s television viewing ahead thanks to this handy guide to the football that will be shown this week from the Football Fairground.

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