It’s Monday morning again, and time to waste away roughly a tenth’s worth of your weeks endeavours by clicking through some links from the previous seven days. As ever, we have a mixed bag for you – a video here, some forensic financial investigation there – and we should also take this moment to remind you that if you come across anything that you think might be appropriate for this feature, feel free to drop us a line using our contact form, which is available using the page linked at the top of this page.

– First up, Spirit Of Mirko reflects upon Cardiff City’s narrow defeat at the hands of Liverpool in last Sunday’s League Cup final.

– Our very good friends at Pitch Invasion have been harvesting five years’ worth of top quality independent football writing and bound it together into a book, further details of which can be found here.

– The world and his wife has probably already seen this, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t stand a second reading. Here’s The Swiss Ramble on Arsenal and their finances, asking the question that many of their supporters have been asking all season: can they afford not to spend?

– Supercrassico has this somewhat depressing look at Julio Grondona, the dismal head of the Argentinian Football Association.

– And finally, a little something for the nostalgists amongst us – the First Division Goals from the seventh and eighth of December 1991, courtesy of YouTube.