After a week long hiatus, The Monday Links Emporium is back, and this morning we feature something that will probably make you spit coffee out of your nose, some bizarre goings on at Kettering, a potted history of the World Cup for beginners and The Football Club That Ate Essex™. Don’t forget, we are always interested in any links that you find for this “prestigious” column – if you find anything that you think we would be interested in, feel free to drop us a line by email or stick it in the comments section here.

– The Sunderland forum “Ready To Go”, in the spirit of office time-wasters world-wide, started a thread on the subject of recreating great football moments using MS Paint. The results were simply tremendous, and now there is a video compilation on YouTube. Cracking stuff, which will make you snort coffee out of your nose.

– In 1992, When Saturday Comes ran an article by someone that gave the newly-merged Dagenham & Redbridge “Five Years. And that’s being generous.” Eighteen years on, the Daggers were promoted into League One at the weekend. Regardless of concerns about how the club came into existence, it’s an achievement that can’t be denied. Kudos, also, to WSC for reprinting a prediction that turned out to be so hopelessly wrong.

– We’re finally starting to find out a little bit about North Korea, and The Guardian has this, about Jong Tae-se, who is described as “The People’s Rooney”. Considering way that England played against Japan yesterday, he has probably got a better chance of making the latter stages of the tournament than Rooney has.

The Unlikely Fan has a series of potted histories of the World Cup, which puts our own, over-wordy efforts to shame (more of them later this week, by the way!).

– As the World Cup starts to jump to life, the altogether more prosaic world of English non-league football could be heading for a bit of meltdown this summer. We’ll be returning to this subject over the next few days, but as a brief taster, here’s Dr John Beech on Imraan Ladak at Kettering Town.

– It’s such a shame that the BBC’s Video section for the 2010 World Cup is available to UK users (for licensing reasons, in case you were wondering). If you are in the UK, though, you need to get yourself over there and wallow in nostalgia for the next week and a half.

– And finally… you can keep (roughly) up to date with what we’re doing for the World Cup here.