We know how you feel. We share your pain. It’s Monday morning, and you’re sitting in front of your monitor, bleary-eyed and holding a cup of coffee with the consistency of molasses in your shaky hands. With that in mind, every Monday morning from now on we’ll be bringing you six of the best football articles from the outside world over the last couple of weeks or so, to help you put off that first spreadsheet for a while. Just don’t blame us if your boss catches you, and if you happen to come across anything that you feel would be appropriate to be shared with the rest of the world, just email us from the “Contact” page on the site.

European Football Weekends follow Lewes to Hampton & Richmond Borough for a tense last day of the season in the Blue Square South and finds that the news that the third from bottom team in the table might not be getting relegated this season anyway doesn’t make the occasion any less tense. (European Football Weekends)

–  Equipment geeks might be interested in the new Mitre Tensile, the ball that the journeymen and cloggers of the Football League and Scottish Premier League will be smacking into car parks and rivers next season. And, yes, it will be adorned with the colouring of the clubs, as has been the tradition for the last couple of seasons. (Football Shirt Culture)

– If you hadn’t noticed, there’s a general election coming up, but politics isn’t all about government and hustings – sometimes it’s about simply making a stand. The Cerebral Footballer picks out their choice of teams that have made a political point (and, in some cases, continue to do so) through their very existence. (The Cerebral Footballer)

As anybody that has recently got the train East from Brighton will be able to attest, the site of Brighton & Hove Albion’s new stadium at Falmer is starting to become enough to set the pulse racing. You can see the latest developments from the site here(England & Brighton, Home & Away)

Football & Music is starting to fall in love with Chris Kamara, and posts up its own tribute to the Soccer Saturday match summariser here. As they (worryingly) point out, over 1,500,000 people have now viewed the clip of him missing a sending off at the recent match between Portsmouth and Blackburn Rovers. (Football & Music)

Tom Dunmore notes that, although this sort of paperwork has been available for most “football insolvency events”, the national press seem somehow surprised now that Portsmouth’s list of creditors includes St Johns Ambulance, the Boy Scouts and a local community sports centre. This is, as he points out, the 54th administration of a Football League or Premier League club since 1992. Anybody would think that some of these hacks had never even looked at this sort of paperwork before.  (Pitch Invasion)