Well, good morning. First of all, apologies to anybody that follows the site on Twitter and found that they received a whole shedload of new tweets from us through the night on Saturday night. We are in the process of adding a function by which you can search the site archive by club or country name and it went a little haywire. It is, we think, fixed now. Secondly, as some of you my have noticed, the English league season is now almost at an end, so a sizable amount of the gaps in out schedule will be being filled with further build-up to the forthcoming World Cup. A new World Cup page will be built into the site so that it is all readily available, and this should be done by the end of this week. This week’s links, meanwhile, should keep you all occupied for this morning, at least.

European Football Weekends was at the last match of the League Two season at Barnet, where the home team needed a win to guarantee their survival.

– John Beech’s Football Management takes a look at Portsmouth’s proposed CVA, which is offering 20p in the pound and should ensure that at least the club’s smaller creditors are paid in full.

Mirko Bolesan (the site, not the player) sets out to find the most boring club in the history of English football and finds that actually it was Blackpool, during the 1974/75 season.

Why Did I Have To Be A Goalkeeper? sings the praises of Pepe Reina and confirms that the secret of his success is all in his footwwork rather than his handling.

Football Shirt Culture takes a look at the new Brighton & Hove Albion shirt, which may be the bluest football kit ever made. Also, are they… spiders on the front of the goalkeepers’ shirts?

– Finally, Who Ate All The Pies eulogises Eric Cantona, and arrives at the conclusion that he was “the most influential footballer of the last ten years”, even though he, umm, retired thirteen years ago. Yes, it was that long ago.