Good evening, everybody, and welcome to Group D, where two of England, Italy, Costa Rica and Uruguay will be going home in a couple of weeks time with their tails between their legs. Later on this evening comes the hysteriafest that will most likely be England vs Italy, but first of all comes the match between the other two teams in England’s group, Uruguay and Costa Rica. Winners of the tournament twice by 1950, it’s unlikely that Uruguay will be the stength in football at international football that they once were, although last time around in South Africa they provided an anaemic tournament when Luis Suarez’s last minute handball antics went a long way towards earning his team a win against Ghana. Suarez is rested tonight ahead of – pun alert – getting his teeth into England next week, whilst Costa Rica may just be looking at the other three teams in their group and wondering if they can take enough points from each other to open up the possibility of qualifying from the group stages themselves. Ed Carter and Rob Freeman will be here shortly to take you all through it.

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