Good evening, everybody, and welcome to Group D, where two of England, Italy, Costa Rica and Uruguay will be going home in a couple of weeks time with their tails between their legs. Later on this evening comes the hysteriafest that will most likely be England vs Italy, but first of all comes the match between the other two teams in England’s group, Uruguay and Costa Rica. Winners of the tournament twice by 1950, it’s unlikely that Uruguay will be the stength in football at international football that they once were, although last time around in South Africa they provided an anaemic tournament when Luis Suarez’s last minute handball antics went a long way towards earning his team a win against Ghana. Suarez is rested tonight ahead of – pun alert – getting his teeth into England next week, whilst Costa Rica may just be looking at the other three teams in their group and wondering if they can take enough points from each other to open up the possibility of qualifying from the group stages themselves. Ed Carter and Rob Freeman will be here shortly to take you all through it.

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Ian June 14, 20149:59 pm

Well, there we go, The first surprise – ish, if you’ve been paying attention for the last four years – of the tournament. Uruguay 1-3 Costa Rica, and the best thing about it all was probably Luis Suarez’s sad face whenever the cameras turned to him in the closing srahes of the match. Back in about 45 minutes for England vs Italy. England to stink the tournament out, natch.

Mark June 14, 20149:57 pm

I think Pereira was trying to kick Cristian Stuani for being so Shi’ite and Campbell just got in the way…

Ian June 14, 20149:56 pm

Well, that was thoroughly enjoyable. What’s the deal with Uruguay turning lke that when they’re losing?

Rob June 14, 20149:54 pm

And we have our first red card of the tournament.

Mark June 14, 20149:45 pm

The Costa Rican David Fairclough…

Ted June 14, 20149:45 pm

The goalkeeper runs 100 yards to celebrate with the team. Pure class. Costa Rica take a seemingly unassailable lead. They deserve it, too.

Rob June 14, 20149:44 pm

That’s the second two footed flying tackle of the match.

And as I type that Marco Ureña makes it 3-1.

Ian June 14, 20149:43 pm

Caceres, in all honesty, should have been sent off for that tackle. It’s, umm, surprising that he’s still on the pitch.

Mark June 14, 20149:42 pm

Martin Caceres breaks the Uruguayan long jump record and, thankfully, nothing else.

Ted June 14, 20149:38 pm

Uruguay are stinking this group out

Mark June 14, 20149:37 pm

No Suarez? How can that be? What with the Premier League being the greatest in the world an’ all…

Mark June 14, 20149:34 pm

Yeltsin off. Medvedev on??? Sorry…

Ted June 14, 20149:28 pm

Uruguay’s players look aggrieved and shocked. Mainly aggrieved.

Mark June 14, 20149:27 pm

The close-up of Duarte’s goal suggested he was ahead of his marker for quite a while. And now we know he was ahead of him ALL the while. Tyldesley not making a sensationalist controversy about it, you’ll notice – “difficult decision” etc… Suspect Poyet will have a differing perspective…

Ian June 14, 20149:26 pm

Campbell curls a shot narrowly wide and against the stanchion behind the goal. Costa Rica are bossing this match at the moment, and Uruguay look as if they’ve been reading a novel, only to find that one of the chapters has been ripped out.

Ted June 14, 20149:23 pm

Costa Rica are one of my favourite teams

Mark June 14, 20149:22 pm

Are Costa Rica a team you don’t want to go behind against? We’ll soon see..

Mark June 14, 20149:21 pm

Maxi Pereira would be tearing his hair out if he had any. Try tearing out some of Cavani’s…might wake up the dozy poser (and that’s a VERY clean version of how that sentence ended in my head…)

Ian June 14, 20149:20 pm

Holy crap! Two in two minutes, and Costa Rica lead Uruguay by two to one. A free kick swung into the penalty area and Duarte puts in the sort of header that John Terry has spent the last fifteen years dreaming about back across the goal and in.

Rob June 14, 20149:18 pm

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Oscar Duarte with a brave, brave header gives Costa Rica the lead.

Mark June 14, 20149:16 pm

“Joel Campbell of Arsenal” – if you don’t mind…

Ted June 14, 20149:15 pm

Costa Rica scoring would be against the run of play. But funny. And also what happened.

Ian June 14, 20149:15 pm


It’s Uruguay 1-1 Costa Rica!

A cross from the right sees Uruguay defending like a puddle of urine, and Joel Campbell levels things up. I BLOODY TOLD YOU.

Rob June 14, 20149:14 pm

1-1 with Joel Campbell celebrating like he’s pregnant. Yet another goal in this tournament from a cross.

Mark June 14, 20149:12 pm

If Mick McCarthy was still a pundit he would be in TEARS at this tournament’s defending. And, from him at least, not tears of laughter.

Ian June 14, 20149:11 pm

Chance for Costa Rica! A close range header from Duarte is blocked by the goalkeeper’s legs. See? I told you they could get through this group.

Ian June 14, 20149:09 pm

We’re back for the second half! This has been an oddly lethargic game so far, as if neither team really wants to be out on the pitch that much. Some good fouling, though.

Ian June 14, 20149:08 pm


Mark June 14, 20149:08 pm

Townsend reckons Uruguay are a team you do not want to go behind against. So tell me, Andy, what teams DO you want to go behind against?

Ian June 14, 20148:49 pm

Half-time: Uruguay 1-0 Costa Rica. Nothing really between the two teams, which isn’t a great reflection upon Uruguay, though there was no question that their penalty was a penalty. Back in fifteen minutes or so.

Ian June 14, 20148:45 pm

Woah, great save from Navas from a deflected shot from Cavani. Uruguay would have been terrible value for a two-nil lead.

Ted June 14, 20148:44 pm

Uruguay’s players are sweating worryingly. Like I’d be.

Ian June 14, 20148:40 pm

As referred to in the comments – refresh the page and scroll down – the Uruguay goalkeeper is the worst dressed man on this planet at this moment in time. All in orange, including tights, and pink boots. I don’t know what he’s trying to achieve with that.

Ian June 14, 20148:32 pm

Half a chance for Costa Rica, a stabbed shot, deflected wide of the post when it might have sneaked in otherwise. They’re having a bit of a go, here.

Ted June 14, 20148:26 pm

As a fan of world cup indiscipline, Costa Rica are tickling my pickle. And Cavani, who converts the penalty. 1-0 to Uruguay.

Ian June 14, 20148:25 pm

So, my prediction of Costa Rica qualifying for the next round may have been a little on the optimistic side. Uruguay 1-0 Costa Rica, penalty from Edison Cavani.

Rob June 14, 20148:25 pm

GOAL! Yeltsin Tejeda commits a kung-fu inspired double footed lunge which provides a free kick (no red card), which sees Lugano rugby tackled for a penalty, converted by Cavani. 1-0 Uruguay.

Ian June 14, 20148:23 pm

Andy Townsend just said “penno.” Come the revolution, usage of that word will be a capital offence.

Ian June 14, 20148:22 pm


Rob June 14, 20148:21 pm

I shan’t post a photo of the other 200% team for this game, but suffice to say one of my guests this evening has had the misfortune to have seen Diego Lugano play for his club, and the other has informed me it’s World Gin Day and is halfway down his third half-pint.

Ian June 14, 20148:20 pm

To be honest, we’re still preoccupied with the Netherlands against Spain from last night. Eighteen minutes in, and Uruguay had a goal disallowed, but other than that what is troubling me the most is that I haven’t got a drink at the moment.

Ian June 14, 20148:17 pm

Your 200% team this evening. Out of those six people, four of them don’t really know anything about football. It’s a bit like being in the Match Of The Studio.

Ted June 14, 20148:17 pm

Offside is very much the rule du jour of this year’s world cup. Uruguay are it’s latest victim.

Ted June 14, 20148:14 pm

Hello sports fans! I’m here now! Who’s playing?

Ian June 14, 20148:11 pm

Anyway, I rashly predicted yesterday that Costa Rica could yet qualify from this group. I didn’t base this upon anything other that that I thought it would be pretty funny if they did, of course.

Ian June 14, 20148:08 pm

Right then. By way of a word of warning, I have already drunk a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea this evening, so tonight’s live blogs may be a little more forthright than usual. Uruguay have the best coloured shirts of any international team, but that’s just about where the appeal ends for me. Consider, if you will, Luis Suarez’s little face when his deliberate handball screwed Ghana out of a place in the semi-finals of the competition four years ago. Costa Rica, on the other hand, have no army. I think that’s something we can all get behind.