So here we are again folks, another day, another game.

The Dutch are unbeaten in their last eleven World Cup group games, Robin van Persie has scored ten in the last nine games he’s played in BUT they’ve never beaten the lowest ranked team in the competition.

You’ve got Jenni and Rob to keep you company during the game.

*technically they’ve only played friendlies.


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Mark June 18, 20146:52 pm

You can rule out a leveller now. A cracking match. Best of the competition? A draw between Spain and Chile eliminates Oz. Which would be ridiculous, given how they’ve played.

Jenni June 18, 20146:52 pm

Will be v interesting to see how they fare against the current holders…

Jenni June 18, 20146:52 pm

Decent effort by Australia, putting up more of a fight than Spain.

Mark June 18, 20146:48 pm

Oz steadfastly refusing to enter “plucky territory.” Still can’t rule out a leveller here…

Jenni June 18, 20146:47 pm

Without Cahill the Aussies do look a bit lost

Jenni June 18, 20146:42 pm

He can’t be that fresh, the A League finished ages ago

Mark June 18, 20146:38 pm

Oz sub Adam Taggart is “fresh” from a season playing alongside Emile Heskey. How many steps up in class is THIS, then?

Mark June 18, 20146:30 pm

Who’s kidnapped Wesley Sneijder and replaced him with some bloke from the crowd??

Mark June 18, 20146:28 pm

The game’s pivotal moment right there. Leckie misses one chance and before I could finish typing that, let alone Jenni getting the gin out ;-), Memphis “Tennessee” Depay spots a gap in Oz keeper Mat Ryan’s left glove, and its 3-2. Cahill is subbed, his World Cup very possibly over.

Jenni June 18, 20146:25 pm

These goals keep happening too quickly, I look down to get a drink and the Dutch score again…

Jenni June 18, 20146:21 pm

De Jong also loves a moan

Mark June 18, 20146:17 pm

Oz’s Ryan McGowan “scored against Hibs in the Scottish Cup Final back in 2012.” Didn’t everybody???

Mark June 18, 20146:15 pm

Cat leaves pigeons. For now.

Jenni June 18, 20146:15 pm

RvP wasn’t having any of that – 11 international goals in 10 games

Mark June 18, 20146:11 pm

Cat. Pigeons.

Jenni June 18, 20146:11 pm

And Australia take the lead – who saw this coming indeed?

Mark June 18, 20146:11 pm

Rubbish decision. Oz players celebrating like its a goal. Janmaat, tho, not protesting..

Jenni June 18, 20146:10 pm

Bloody hell, again. Australia penalty

Mark June 18, 20146:09 pm

Also possibly “missing next match,” Ronaldo will only face the States against medical advice. Woooh…

Mark June 18, 20146:05 pm

“Debatable decision” says Carlisle, over footage of Matt Leckie pushing a Dutch defender over. Controversy, my days. Meanwhile, RVP is out for the Chile game. The “misses next match” caption is moving into overdrive.

Jenni June 18, 20146:04 pm

For now, he’ll rip off his Martin O’Neill mask after the game

Mark June 18, 20146:02 pm

You will note Keane’s absence from the studio, however.

Jenni June 18, 20146:02 pm

Good Keane trolling by Viera

Mark June 18, 20145:48 pm

Ah, Matt Smith. You are…my age…

Mark June 18, 20145:46 pm

Slow motion replay confirms that Cahill didn’t shin his goal. Didn’t shin that challenge on Bruno Martins Indl, either. And after that booking, somewhere in Brazil, Sergio Ramos is breathing a little easier…

Jenni June 18, 20145:43 pm

Oh dear, talisman Tim will miss the next game

Mark June 18, 20145:33 pm

Bresciano, suspended for 4 months for breaking a Dubai club contract to go to Qatar. What’s his motivation then???

Ted June 18, 20145:32 pm

There’s only one time that a co-commentator has ever actually added ANYTHING to a game. It was Jimmy Hill, for England vs. Poland at Mexico 86. When Gary Lineker scored his first goal.

Ted June 18, 20145:30 pm

However, this is not to say that I consider co-commentators to be in any way necessary.

Ted June 18, 20145:29 pm

Clarke Carlisle as a co-commentator isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I’d rather listen to someone who sounds legitimately excited to be at the World Cup, let alone being PAID to be there, than Mark “Droopy” Lawrenson.

Mark June 18, 20145:28 pm

Actually missed Cahill’s goal live. But have already seen it from seven different angles across four different media outlets. “This is the Modern World” (Paul Weller)

Mark June 18, 20145:26 pm

I guess Messi’s goal isn’t the best of the tournament anymore… 🙁

Ted June 18, 20145:26 pm

In my day it was Van Der Valk

Mark June 18, 20145:24 pm

Carlisle on Robben: “Utterly dispatched.” On Cahill: “Oh my days.” He’s seen that Paul Whitehouse advert. And how short are memories? That was a “Van Persie”? In my day it was a “Van Basten.”

Ted June 18, 20145:24 pm

I get the feeling that this Dutch side are actually not all that, they just have some strategically-placed genuinely world class players. This does not bode well for Spain later.

Tim Cahill, on the other hand, is Australia’s ONLY top player and he’s been holding his end up in this tournament.

Richard June 18, 20145:22 pm

That’s the sort of goal you’d expect from Van Persie.

Jenni June 18, 20145:21 pm

What a goal!

Richard June 18, 20145:21 pm

What a response from Tim Cahill…. not just good with his head.

Jenni June 18, 20145:20 pm

Great solo effort, waltzing through the Aussies

Mark June 18, 20145:20 pm

I actually thought Sneijder had a semi-stinker against Spain…even in the second half. He’s off again. But, oh, so is Robben………..

Jenni June 18, 20145:20 pm

Bloody hell (told you Robben would score)

Richard June 18, 20145:19 pm

There have been a few weak calls for the Dutch so far.

Mark June 18, 20145:18 pm

He’d probably argue with that

Jenni June 18, 20145:16 pm

Tim Cahill loves a moan doesn’t he

Jenni June 18, 20145:15 pm

First corner goes to Australia…

Mark June 18, 20145:08 pm

Sometimes when underdogs say they will take the game to their “superior opposition,” that means eight at the back instead of nine. Not here. Oz pressing hard at the start.

Mark June 18, 20145:06 pm

How long before Carlisle wonders aloud at how “good this Dutch side must be if Jan Vertonghen can’t get in it.”

Jenni June 18, 20145:06 pm

That smile says “don’t you worry lads! I’ve scored in my last seven games! there’s time yet”

Jenni June 18, 20145:04 pm

Cahill more clumsy than anything else there, bundling over his man

Mark June 18, 20145:04 pm

Newcomers to football must be wondering why the Dutch fans spend all that money on orange stuff when their team wear blue all the time…

Jenni June 18, 20145:02 pm

I will admit this now – I am a fan of the Aussies, even if Big Ange left Matty Smith out of the squad

Jenni June 18, 20145:00 pm

In the nick of time….here we go