The pressure has lifted on Mexico after last nights result. Expected by many to be the second team to push through the groups, they managed to overcome the hosts in the 2012 Olympic final and will be out to upset the odds once again. They have however stuttered lately with two losses, against Bosnia and Portugal, during the build up to these finals. In fact, their whole qualifying campaign was much closer than it should have been. Mexico made hard work out of their groups and needed to overcome New Zealand in their play-off round. Probably the most worrying statistic is the fact that they have had three different managers in change since September 2013 – but seem to have settled on Miguel Herrera who took charge following his recent Mexican league title with Club America. Javier Hernandez of Manchester United might well be their most well-known superstar but goals from Oribe Peralta, who plays for Santos Laguna in his homeland, may boost their hopes significantly.

Cameroon haven’t faired much better; although a draw with Germany on 1st June will give them some hope. Largely expected to fall over at the first hurdle a team with Samuel Eto’o at the helm should never be counted out. The veteran Chelsea striker remains an iconic figure in world football and a threat at the very highest level, as his goals for the Blues this season demonstrate. Volker Finke’s side negotiated a tricky play-off round against Tunisia to get through to the finals; eventually sealing the tie with a comfortable 4-1 aggregate. There had been a few reports recently that suggested the team almost pulled out of the tournament completely, although Finke denies the rumours, due to a payment bonus dispute for their time at the tournament.

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Richard June 13, 20146:58 pm

See you all in an hour for Spain against the Netherlands.

I really hope that has better action.

Ian June 13, 20146:57 pm

Mexico on course for their traditional second round exit again, then. A good, solid performance from them, but the fact that they could dominate in the way that they did and only scrape home by the odd goal says something about the extent to which they’ll struggle against better teams.

Richard June 13, 20146:56 pm

It ends 1-0 to Mexico. A fully deserved 3 points.

Miguel Herrera got everything right tactically today. Be interested to see how they line up against Brazil.

Poor defending all round – even if Mexico didn’t need to do much of it.

Richard June 13, 20146:54 pm

That Hernandez chance was an absolute “sitter”

Ian June 13, 20146:54 pm

Woah there. Contender for miss of the tournament.

Richard June 13, 20146:53 pm

Cor, that was a great save from Ochoa (considering he has barely been involved).

That was made even better when you consider he was wrong footed and in these weather condition. Held onto the ball really well there.

Richard June 13, 20146:47 pm

This second half has still been more Mexico than Cameroon. But, to contradict that, it’s been less one-sided.

Still at 1-0 (and Mexico can still feel a little disappointed that that’s all it is)

Richard June 13, 20146:41 pm

All or nothing keeps flashing up on the advert boards around the pitch – what a lie when this has been so mediocre

Richard June 13, 20146:35 pm

The Hernandez change was always coming once Mexico went ahead. Cameroon will be chasing for a goal now and the “little pea” is a well known poacher.

Richard June 13, 20146:30 pm

My stir fry is more interesting than this game.

Ted June 13, 20146:29 pm

Sepp Blatter is a loveable old rogue, if we’re going to have every single goal confirmed by goal line technology for the entire tournament then he will surely be voted FIFA President for the next THREE HUNDRED YEARS. A visionary, ladies and gentlemen.

Richard June 13, 20146:23 pm

Mexico have finally made the breakthrough. Their top scorer from qualifying, Peralta, mops up a rebound as Itandje saves from Dos Santos.

He knew it was going in too.

Richard June 13, 20146:20 pm

I’ll give the linesman his due, both were tough decisions with the naked eye. Sadly they were onside (but you have got to be stern in those situations)

Ted June 13, 20146:19 pm

It’s more like hair mousse than paint, I’m fascinated

Richard June 13, 20146:19 pm

The spray is amazing.

Ian June 13, 20146:19 pm

I’ve been keeping an eye on this, and the second half has been very disappointing so far. Odd first half, by the way, and I’m not completely sold on ITV’s narrative that two perfectly good goals were disallowed. Football is seldom as black and white as that.

Ted June 13, 20146:17 pm

The drainage on this pitch is absolutely beyond reproach, I wonder how they achieved it? I’m assuming it must be some kind of clever substrate.

Richard June 13, 20146:15 pm

Well this didn’t pick up the attacking “quality” of the first half. This has just become a bit dirty.

Richard June 13, 20146:08 pm

I’m feed and watered and return one minute late for the second half. If it’s anything like the first we’ll end the game with a barrage of referee abused from Mr. Chiles

Richard June 13, 20145:49 pm

Time for a stir fry….

Richard June 13, 20145:48 pm

So we are going in 0-0 at the break. Mexico can feel disappointed with at least two of the decisions this half and shout easily be in the lead.

Peralta and Dos Santos are making a nuisance of themselves but Eto’o’o will be hoping for some chances in the second half.

Richard June 13, 20145:46 pm

Wait until they start shoving Super Ultra High Arcade Remix Hyper Definition at us.

Rob June 13, 20145:44 pm

The commentary team pushing for more use of TV technology in football. GLT was just the key to Pandora’s box.

Richard June 13, 20145:41 pm

Mbia and Guardado are really going at it. The Mexican hasn’t had the best season over in the Bundesliga and hasn’t improved much for this either.

Are you reading the advertisements again Ted?

Ted June 13, 20145:40 pm

Marfrig are, it turns out, one of the largest processed meat manufacturers in the world.

Richard June 13, 20145:40 pm

The rain in the Arena Das Dunas stadium is so heavy the ITV coverage is misting over.

Richard June 13, 20145:31 pm

Twice Dos Santos has had the ball in the back of Itandje’s net…. again for offside and again an incorrect decision.

Richard June 13, 20145:29 pm

Love the slow focus being delivered by some of the crowd based cameramen.

Ted June 13, 20145:26 pm

It’s all to play for for Samuel Eto’o, scoring today would be a goal in his third consecutive World Cup Finals. To reward this, the government have promised him a third ‘O’, so that his name would be Eto’o’o.

Richard June 13, 20145:25 pm

Scrappy isn’t even the word for that goal-mouth action.

Richard June 13, 20145:23 pm

Samuel Eto’o drives a shot against the woodwork after a great run from Ekotto.

Mexico are still controlling the game but Cameroon are starting to find a gear to two here.

Richard June 13, 20145:18 pm

Far clearer offside given now. Cameroon have the ball in the Mexico net but that one was the right decision.

It’s really opening up now after a solid 15 minutes of Mexican dominance.

Richard June 13, 20145:16 pm

They really love to get forward quickly and could do really well on the counter attack. Another cautious decision as Peralta goes over just outside the box. Flagged for Offside but the decision seems, to me, to be correct.

Rob June 13, 20145:14 pm

Scandalous decision by the linesman, who will now get loads of stick from the ITV team, who could only tell he was level with the last man after a freeze frame replay.

Ted June 13, 20145:13 pm

A poor decision by the linesman, that. Mexico unfortunate to not be ahead, I think. They were possibly undone by the speed of their own attacking move.

Richard June 13, 20145:13 pm

Dos Santos with a great first time volley but it’s be disallowed.

He’s clearly onside as well. Two bad decisions in two days….

Great touch!

Ted June 13, 20145:11 pm

Cameroon are playing like the hobo boxer fought by Homer Simpson, continually looking over their shoulder to make sure the Federation haven’t taken their match fee from out of their bindles. One way traffic.

Richard June 13, 20145:09 pm

First half chance falls to Mexico as a driven Herrera cross is swept away by Chedjou….

Definitely more intent from the Central Americans so far.

Have the Cameroonians played together before?

Ted June 13, 20145:09 pm

I am cautiously optimistic that we’ll see more goals at this World Cup than at the last few. It was certainly the case at the Confederations Cup last year, where the goals-per-game touched almost 4. However, exactly how skewed those figures were by the presence of fill-your-boots-lads OFC champions Tahiti is yet to be seen.

Rob June 13, 20145:07 pm

So Mexico have a version of wooooooooooooooooooooh, YOU’RE SHIT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Which takes their number of chants up to two. The other being “ME-XI-CO, ME-XI-CO, RAH! RAH! RAH!”

Richard June 13, 20145:06 pm

Cameroon look nervous at the back already. Itandje came through the ranks at Liverpool so I can’t see many clean sheets…

Ted June 13, 20145:05 pm

A word of praise for ITV, however: I’m watching this on ITV Player, which means that at the moment it’s working.

Richard June 13, 20145:04 pm

Assou-Ekotto hasn’t cut his hair since the last tournament.

Richard June 13, 20145:02 pm

That’s so true, we’ll get England build-up’s constantly – until we get eliminated that is.

Mexico have just kicked us off.

Ted June 13, 20144:58 pm

Having just watched ITV provide an hour’s build-up to the England-Italy match I’m somewhat surprised to see Mexico and Cameroon take to the field, but I suppose that’s the rare, feverish beauty of commercial television.

Richard June 13, 20144:53 pm

On a positive note, Adrian Chiles will not be on the TV during the Spain/Netherlands match up later…. *sighs of relief all round*

Richard June 13, 20144:48 pm

So here we are, Game 2 of the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Mexico have omitted Javier Hernandez for this one with Peralta and Dos Santos trying to grab some goals instead. Peralta, interestingly, has 8 goals in his last 6 international appearances.

Both of these teams will be looking to grab a win in this one which could make for an interesting tussle. Mexico play with pace and like to move forward swiftly but Cameroon are strong and can play a methodical match when they need to. Eto’o is currently speaking to his teammates and it’ll be up to him to push them forward this evening.

With two other games coming up shortly, its sure to be an action packed night and you can follow it all on 200%.

Rob will be joining me shortly but until then stay tuned for the latest football news here – until we go off on some other tangent.