Mark June 14, 20147:02 pm

So, Shearer and Ferdinand are talking about England. Good BYE. And thanks for waiting. Thanks especially to Rob for setting up this liveblog for a technophobe like me. STILL waiting for a bad game. Uruguay/Costa Rica has that potential. But who knows? TTFN

Mark June 14, 20146:57 pm

And there it is. Colombia “book-end the match nicely” and did most other things quite nicely too. Apart from the footballing perpetual motion that is the hugely watchable Juan Cuadrado, no Colombian will be over-tired. Indeed, Cuadrado is a joy to watch even when he louses things up. Seedorf is mock-disappointed that the third goal made the BBC pundits’ predictions wrong. Lennon lays into Samaras for his defending at the second goal – they really MUST have had a fall-out in the spring. And, at last, Rodriguez is confirmed as a “James.” (“Jimmy in Scotland” – Lennon).

Rob June 14, 20146:52 pm

Cheeky little backheel from Cuadrado gives James “Hames” Rodriguez the chance to make it 3-0.

Mark June 14, 20146:52 pm

Three minutes of added time, says the 1970s graphic on the TV screen (a lot of the shirt numbers have a “World of Sport” feel to them too). Almost perfect for Colombia. And the third goal makes it totally perfect. Cuadrado to Rodriguez, seems appropriate somehow.

Mark June 14, 20146:45 pm

The “oles” start up again from the 99% of the crowd who are winning, as they “knock it about a bit.” Getting very comfortable indeed now. And the prospect of Greece “needing something form the game against Japan” doesn’t sound enticing. Samaras side-foots wide from the edge of the box with Ospina scrambling in the Colombia goal. But that had “last chance” written all over it. (Yep. Tempting fate again).

Mark June 14, 20146:38 pm

Greece gradually morphing into Fulham as Giorgios Karagounis comes on for his, ulp, 136th cap. Too little, too late, says I, desperately trying to tempt fate for entertainment’s sake.

Mark June 14, 20146:36 pm

West Ham’s Almero is off for Santiago Arias is on. Colombia’s goalscorer off for a full-back. That sends a message with 16 minutes left. Plenty of space for Cuadrado to run into down the right flank but he forgets to turn left at the vital moment. Time to subsititute another goalscorer. But Gutierrez, who scored a goal “Gary Lineker would have been proud of” (Kilbane) is at least replaced by another goalscorer Jackson Martinez.

Mark June 14, 20146:27 pm

Greece are pushing forward at Ryman League pace and their crossing is poor. Rodriguez and Cuadrado have twice nearly linked up to prime effect as the game continues to stretch. A goal for Greece would bring them back into the match, as it did the outplayed Aussies last night. You don’t sense a repeat, though.

Mark June 14, 20146:23 pm

Gekas, on the brink of being hauled off, heads against the underside of the bar from six yards – he DOES miss from there. Kostas Mitroglu is on. And if the answer is a Fulham misfit, the question needs re-writing. He was top scorer in qualifiers but…well.. you know…

Mark June 14, 20146:21 pm

Worst dive of the tournament to date, from Greece’s Fetfatzidis. Even the officials in THIS tournament don’t fall for dives like…THAT.

Mark June 14, 20146:18 pm

2-0, actually…or did I miss more of the first half than I thought?. Game over. Rodriguez’s near-post corner flicked on by Aguilar for Guttierez to finish from a yard – he doesn’t miss from there. “99% of the crowd” are delighted, says Brotherton. Are there THAT few Greeks about?

Rob June 14, 20146:17 pm

And Colombia go 2-1 up

A corner is flicked on by Sanchez, and Teo Gutierrez fires home from point blank range.

Rob June 14, 20146:16 pm

And almost straight away Salpingidis goes into the book for a clumsy challenge, giving us a Geiger count of three. He’s then replaced by Fetfatzidis.

Mark June 14, 20146:15 pm

Greece’s World Cup record of one win in six has taken a bit of a booting this evening. And it IS poor, especially when you compare it to England’s…er…two wins in their first nine WC matches…um… Almero’s driving run draws another Greek booking – the back four are taking it in turns to see yellow, which is an indication of the extra space Colombia are getting to run free at them. More space for Greece too. The game is, as “they” say, “getting stretched.”

Rob June 14, 20146:14 pm

Sokiratis becomes the first Greek to go into referee Mark Geiger’s book for a challenge from behind.

Mark June 14, 20146:09 pm

Simon Brotherton has slowly, carefuly gone from Hames to Hames Rodriguez to plain old Rodriguez. Did he just not recognise him at first? Rod shoots at Greek keeper Karnezis from 20 yards. Decent effort, He’s warming up.

Mark June 14, 20146:07 pm

Samaras shows the determination Lennon was crying out for, with a run into the box. He then dives, ADMITS it…and doesn’t get booked. No, me neither.

Mark June 14, 20146:04 pm

Seedorf’s ability to give direct, short answers has left the Beeb with a few awkward seconds before the pictures come back from Belo Horizonte. The Brotherton/Kilbane combo in the com-box is proving that, like ITV, the broadcasters’ “B-teams” are really rather good. Greg Dyke would be delighted. Right, here we go again…

Mark June 14, 20146:01 pm

Juan Cuadrado. “Fun to watch” said Clarence Seedorf. And he’s right. But “Ham-es” has had a nervy 45 minutes and if he relaxes, Lenny’s predictions of a two-nil Colombia win could be right. Oh, and just to confirm, the goal was scored by “West Ham’s Almero.” To give him his full name.

Mark June 14, 20145:54 pm

Neil Lennon, a potentially terrific pundit, hints at why Georgios Samaras has been released by Celtic, losing his temper at the REPLAY of a couple of the striker’s dozier first-half efforts.

Mark June 14, 20145:48 pm

And its half-time. Still waiting for the first “cagey” affair of the tournament. And among the Colombian fans, like “Kerrang TV”, life is LOUD

Mark June 14, 20145:46 pm

A curate’s egg of a match so far. For long spells of it, Colombia’s number ten was called Ham-es. But Greece have recovered from that horrid shot and Kone has jus come close for the improving Hellenics

Rob June 14, 20145:46 pm

A fairly open game, even before the goal, as Greece look to improve on their previously poor World Cup record. Fouls aplenty, with most of the Greek ones being unpunished, but the Colombian ones usually resulting in the free kicks.

Rob June 14, 20145:40 pm

The goal came after a great dummy from James Rodriguez, but took a deflection off Manolos, and squeezed past the keeper. Manolos’ body language suggested he was blaming the keeper…

Rob June 14, 20145:33 pm

Better late than never.. Columbia lead 1-0 thanks to an early goal from left back Pablo Armera