A big game this evening, for Algeria. They lost their opening match but a win against South Korea will, in the light of Russia’s narrow defeat against Belgium a little earlier this evening, completely restore their chances of getting back into this group and perhaps finding a way into the second round of the competition. South Korea, meanwhile, will be eyeing Belgium up nervously before their final group match and will also be fully aware of the importance of getting a result this evening. Join Richard Grinham at eight o’clock for more.

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Mark June 22, 201410:08 pm

As a post-script to the tournament’s most enjoyable game thus far, I’d love to know the comparative viewing figures from either side of the post-match commercial break. Are constant updates from the England camp really required – or good telly – now?

Richard June 22, 20149:51 pm

And that’s it.

4-2 to Algeria. A point against Russia will be enough for them to reach the last 16 (unless Korea pull a massive upset against Belgium).

This has been a very entertaining game.

Richard June 22, 20149:50 pm

We’re into injury time now. Korea still pushing forward but there won’t be enough time here. Algeria have been good value for the win, despite some nervous times.

Richard June 22, 20149:37 pm

The game is getting pretty stretched now. Korea are still pushing for another one but Algeria look dangerous every time they break.

Richard June 22, 20149:35 pm

Just so you know its now 4-2 and as things stand Korea will be going home.

Richard June 22, 20149:32 pm

Son has been revived in this second half. He seems to be their front line and is involved in all of Korea’s best plays.

Richard June 22, 20149:30 pm

Korea have another one. Captain Lee bundles it in. A bit scrappy but they’ll take anything right now.

Richard June 22, 20149:28 pm

I can see why Sherwood rated Bentaleb so highly…..

Richard June 22, 20149:23 pm

It’ll surely be Southampton. They need the height option after Lambert left.

Richard June 22, 20149:21 pm

25 minutes to go now and that goal surely wraps this up (if it wasn’t already)

Rob June 22, 20149:20 pm

If Kim Shin-wook is a 6 foot 5 striker, can we have a sweepstake on which Premier League club signs him this summer. Doesn’t matter if he’s any good, after all Alex McLeish signed Nikola Zigic after South Africa.

Richard June 22, 20149:19 pm

And just like that Brahimi makes it 4-1

Richard June 22, 20149:19 pm

Algeria are rocking now. Another goal for them though would definately take the wind out of Korea’s sails.

Richard June 22, 20149:17 pm

Oh my word. And outstanding drive by Ki is just turned over the bar by M’Bohli

Richard June 22, 20149:15 pm

Korea are seeing a lot more of the ball now. Almost snatching their second from a cleverly taken quick freekick. M’Bolhi reacted quickly though to keep them out.

Richard June 22, 20149:10 pm

It was very close to being a second for Korea there. Son is working hard to make space and they fashion another attempt that goes just outside the post. Keeper was stagnant.

Richard June 22, 20149:07 pm

Well well. There’s an early goal here and Son has grabbed a lifeline for Korea.

Intricate long ball drops luckily for him but he nutmegs the keeper after a great turn.

Richard June 22, 20149:06 pm

Korea need more men forward this half. Defending is the least of their worries now.

Mark June 22, 20149:04 pm

Matt Smith calls this the first impressive African performance of the tournament. The Germany/Ghana game must have passed him by…do ITV presenters boycott the BBC coverage? Its not the other way around, for dead sure – as Martin Keown quoted ITV’s Fabio Cannavaro during the Belgium/Russia game.
Slimani’s goal celebration to camera suggests he’s on a whopping goal bonus. And Glenn Hoddle could be right that Algeria will be “as patient as they like” in the second half.

Richard June 22, 20149:02 pm

We’re back for the second half now. It’s probably already decided but a quick goal for Korea could change the dynamic.

Richard June 22, 20148:48 pm

So that’s half time. Its safe to say its been very one sided.

Richard June 22, 20148:41 pm

Algeria will probably play the possession game now. Korea have been almost non – existent so far.

Richard June 22, 20148:38 pm

Djabou makes it 3-0 now with a tidy side footed finish.

Great stuff from Algeria.

Richard June 22, 20148:37 pm

Korea don’t look like they can get back into this. Their attacking presence is next to nothing.

Richard June 22, 20148:29 pm

And just like that it’s 2-0

A corner is powerfully headed in by Halliche who beats the goalkeeper to the ball. He was in ‘no man land’

Richard June 22, 20148:27 pm

Slimani puts Algeria ahead. He picks up a curling through ball between the two central defenders and slots the ball past the approaching goalkeeper.

Terrible defending by Korea.

Richard June 22, 20148:26 pm

Korea just don’t have an outlet when they are defending… all 11 players come back into the half.

Richard June 22, 20148:22 pm

Slimani has the best chance of the game so far. Unfortunately his connection to the cross drifts the ball away from goal. Should have done better there and he knows it.

Richard June 22, 20148:16 pm

Becoming less one sided as the match is progressing. Algeria looking very assured so far.

Richard June 22, 20148:12 pm

Korea, in particular Son, are trying to craft something on the break but there aren’t enough men forward to cause any problems.

Richard June 22, 20148:08 pm

Algeria have three men up front tonight and their wing backs are also getting forward. Could be a long 90 for the Korean defence.

Richard June 22, 20148:05 pm

Sorry for the late entrance. The game has been going for about 5 minutes now. Korea have been pegged back twice already.

Algeria have made 5 changes to the side who lost to Belgium in their opening match.