Good afternoon, sports fans! It seems like an age since we were last on the case over the 2014 World Cup finals, but we’re at, what I have come to understand is known as, the “business end” of the tournament. So, what will happen? Will sangfroid and caution win out over flair and imagination? Can the excellence of the matches that we have seen so far really continue now that the stakes are starting to rise? France and Germany, of course, have a history, most notably the infamous semi-final match played in Seville in 1982 when the West German goalkeeper Harald Schumaker attempting the head clean off the shoulders of France’s Patrick Battiston took a little shine off a three-three draw that was one of the finest matches in the history of the tournament.

Of this this year’s vintages, well, Germany have subequently failed to recreate the stellar highlights of their opening match demolition of Portugal, whilst France have looked like a threat since the very first game of the tournament. A pleasing to watch, fluid and attractive team to watch, France may just start this match as the favourites to win, but there really is very little between the two teams. We shall see whether these two teams can continue this tournament’s fine record of fascinating football. Join us shortly before five for more.

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