So, both Uruguay and Colombia are at full strength for this evening’s Second Round match between Uruguay and Colombia. Who knows? Perhaps Luis Suarez is in the crowd wearing a Luis Suarez mask. It’s time to get ready for a little SOCCER.

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Mark June 28, 201410:54 pm

And class wins 2-0. Hopefully Colombia haven’t peaked here. Because Brazil are in for a(nother) game and a half on this evidence.
Right, Adrian Chiles or Metallica?
Pilton Pop Festival here we come…
Only ONE choice really…

Mark June 28, 201410:51 pm

Colombian fans celebrating like I saw them do at Craven Cottage a few years back. Don’t recall much of the game but of the fans…
THE MEMORY REMAINS (hey, that one was hard work…)

Mark June 28, 201410:46 pm

Was hoping Colombia would be so much in control by now that they could bring Mondragon on again. Never mind.

Mark June 28, 201410:44 pm

Colombia would be UNFORGIVEN if they don’t win this now…

Mark June 28, 201410:43 pm

BTW: I only saw the slo-mo of that assault on a cramped up Armero. That looked a red card offence. What happened?

Ted June 28, 201410:41 pm

Uruguay need to remember that Pantomime Villains are entertaining as well

Mark June 28, 201410:40 pm

Blimey, if Uruguay nick a goal now they might not need the proverbial…CYANIDE (Sorry, was hoping Metallica wouldn’t do this one until after the game)

Mark June 28, 201410:30 pm

Because if he doesn’t improve, Uruguay’s chances will…


Mark June 28, 201410:27 pm

Tell me something (not a Metallica song – they are still doing “Sad but True” – but a genuine question). Is Cavani ALWAYS this mediocre??

Mark June 28, 201410:23 pm

Sad but true…Uruguay have nothing better to offer. Tabarez looks like he’d rather BE at Glastonbury.

Ted June 28, 201410:18 pm

Uruguay have reverted to some fairly base tactics. Without any effect, other than to render them completely needless.

Mark June 28, 201410:16 pm

Song 3: Wherever I may roam…(Rodriguez will be on the end of the move)

Ted June 28, 201410:12 pm

A thoroughly deserved 2-0 lead for Colombia, excellent again.

Mark June 28, 201410:12 pm

Song 2: For whom the bell tolls…(it tolls for Uruguay)….

Mark June 28, 201410:10 pm

Creeping death for Uruguay…

Ted June 28, 201410:08 pm

James Rodriguez is great and done a goal

Mark June 28, 201410:08 pm

Left foot, right foot…now a header little Yimmy…

Mark June 28, 201410:07 pm

Watching the second half to a Metallica at Glastonbury soundtrack. Track one: Creeping Death…and the crowd are singing along. Bloody hippies???

Ted June 28, 201410:03 pm

I call him Jim

Mark June 28, 20149:56 pm

“Yames” Rodriguez, according to Chiles. Spoilt for choice…

Mark June 28, 20149:48 pm

Half-time. One kick of the ball between the sides. But…WHAT…A…KICK…

Mark June 28, 20149:45 pm

Rodriguez and Shaqiri of Switzerland are the same age. They do not look it.

Ted June 28, 20149:45 pm

It’s the piano you can have in your pocket

Mark June 28, 20149:41 pm

One of 200%’s “ones to watch,” of course…

Ted June 28, 20149:37 pm

James Rodriguez is a magnificent footballer and his neck is wider than his head.

Ted June 28, 20149:34 pm

Is Luis Suarez not playing tonight?

Ian June 28, 20149:30 pm


That was a magnificent goal. Well worth the previous twenty-seven minutes of torpor.

Mark June 28, 20149:29 pm

My good God almighty. Little Himmy strikes again. Tim Cahill? Nah…

Ian June 28, 20149:27 pm

I would not be sweating that much after twenty-five minutes of a football match. But then again I wouldn’t have been running around that much.

Mark June 28, 20149:26 pm

Mmmm…what time are Metallica on-stage at Glastonbury? This is developing into a “fascinating tactical battle.”

Ted June 28, 20149:25 pm

So much sweating

Mark June 28, 20149:24 pm

More officious officiating with that corner move. Graham Poll didn’t put a stop to it when Kingstonian did the move in the early 1990s in the Isthmian League, he just shouted to the opposition defence “they’ve taken it!” Almost as if he wanted to be the centre of attention.

Ian June 28, 20149:22 pm

I’m mildly befuddled by the fact that the team that I want to win now is wearing the same kit as the team that I didn’t want to win an hour and twenty minutes or so ago.

Ted June 28, 20149:21 pm

My favorite player for Colombia this tournament has been Carlos Valderrama.

Ian June 28, 20149:21 pm

Colombia, meanwhile, have been a joy to watch so far in this tournament. And all of this without their best player. If there were any such thing as justice, they’d win handsomely. But there isn’t, as can be evinced by Brazil’s get out of jail free card a little earlier.

Ian June 28, 20149:18 pm

Fuck Uruguay, man. Just, fuck Uruguay. Their player bites – BITES! – another player during a match, and they haven’t even got it about them to even say, “Well, yeah, shit. I mean, he’s a really good player and we’re really lucky to have him, but that shit is just, well, fucked up.” No. All we get is whine, whine, fucking whine. The guy who bites someone somehow or other becomes a martyr. I hope they get their arses handed to them on a plate tonight.

They’ll probably win.

Ted June 28, 20149:17 pm

I think he has a little of the Kriss Akabusi to him as well. Awooga.

Mark June 28, 20149:16 pm

Has anyone ever seen Alvaro Pereira and Thierry Henry in the same hall of mirrors???

Ted June 28, 20149:15 pm

Suggested meals for a themed TV dinner: Fray Bentos pie.

Mark June 28, 20149:12 pm

I’ll go for (b). Honest.

Ted June 28, 20149:12 pm

There’s a hazy look to the air in Rio this evening. It might be the miasmic fug of Luis Suarez’s tormented spirit.

Ted June 28, 20149:08 pm

Live blogs rarely take sides, but we want Colombia to win today. No doubt because we’re a part of the illuminati-led anti-Uruguay English media cabal.

But also because Colombia have been wonderful this world cup and Uruguay have been dogshit.

take your pick.

Ted June 28, 20149:05 pm

Greetings culture hunters