Good evening one, and good evening all. Tonight, we will be bringing you yet another live blog, this time of the Group A match between Brazil and Mexico, and we’ll be doing it with a twist. According to the French mathematician Emile Borel, if you give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters, one of them will come up with the complete works of Shakespeare. We like to think that it’s a philosophical point that we prove on a daily basis here a 200%, but it does prove something significant – that words are easy, especially these days, when everyboy uses keyboards to such an extent that even the art of tidy handwriting seems have become a thing of the past.

Art, however, is different. Art requires a spark from within the soul which alights the imagination. So tonight, we will be bringing you the Brazil vs Mexico match live, using drawings. Perhaps we will use watercolours. Perhaps we will use oils. Well, perhaps not. My personal favourite artistic medium of choice is that most venerable pieces of computer software, MS Paint, but this evening we are going off-piste and you can get involved as well! Simply email your doodlings to here, and perhaps we’ll be able to create a Vision On style gallery of masterpieces for the ages. Perhaps we’ll rustle up a prize for the best piece that we receive. It would be for the best if your work was 750 pixels wide, but we can always work around that.

So, join us shortly before 8.00 this evening (BST) for Brazil vs Mexico… Live! In MS Paint!


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