Good afternoon, sports fans. Edward and I are here from five o’clock on with a liveblog of the third quarter-final match at the 2014 World Cup finals, between Argentina and Belgium. Now, these two teams met in both the 1982 finals, when the then-defending champions were beaten by Belgium in the opening match, though four years later Argentina got their revenge with a win in the semi-finals four years later.

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Mark July 5, 20147:04 pm

Er…not a great deal. In fact, that last 46 minutes of blogging on this site summed up the game perfectly.
The last 20 minutes went a little something like this:
Argentina’s Basanta takes a throw down his left. Argentina lose possession within one pass or two. And Belgium launch it, Tony Pulis’s Stoke-stylee, for Fellaini to head it out for a throw. Argentina’s Basanta takes the throw down his left…repeat to fade.
Variations? Belgium were offside occasionally. And Messi was through in stoppage time only for Courtois to save. And…er…that’s it.
If Costa Rica can engineer something tonight, they’ll fancy their chances in the semi. And they will not be alone.
Is your telly down?? Can do tonight’s game, if someone can set up the blog.

Ted July 5, 20146:18 pm

Wait, what happened?

Ted July 5, 20146:02 pm

Bras, eel.

Mark July 5, 20146:01 pm

I take this blogging stuff too seriously, don’t I? Was going to say something semi-deep about Argentina improving so much because Higuain isn’t dog’s droppings. But I won’t bother.
Thing is, Argentina are my tip for the tournament but Belgium are my tip for this game. 🙁

Ted July 5, 20145:58 pm

Fabio Cannavaro doesn’t know who Gordon Strachan is, but he is still scared of him.

Ted July 5, 20145:55 pm

Fabio Cannavaro calls full backs, ‘lateral backs’. Fresh.

Ted July 5, 20145:47 pm

Half Time. 1-0.

Ted July 5, 20145:46 pm

Messi’s having a bit of a mare. ITV won’t tell you this.

Ted July 5, 20145:43 pm

Vatican City has a square flag

Ted July 5, 20145:38 pm

Ian’s tactical analysis was ripely worded, but in essence it was this: Belgium should chuck in a floater.

Ted July 5, 20145:32 pm

This match is like a dramatisation of a George Orwell novel about football.

Ian July 5, 20145:31 pm

Not a lot to say about this, really. Great goal from Higuain, Argentina on top, and Belgium still lack that little spark of imagination. They’re a bit sterile today.

Ted July 5, 20145:29 pm

Angel Di Maria just took a shot so hard that his knee is now on back to front

Ted July 5, 20145:24 pm

Argentina’s back four today: Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, Mad Frankie Fraser and Bugs Moran.

Ted July 5, 20145:15 pm

And an old soiled mattress

Ian July 5, 20145:15 pm

I think my favourite thing about this World Cup so far has been how terrible the pitches have been. I imagine the penalty areas will have bricks and broken bottles sticking out them by the time of the final.

Ted July 5, 20145:13 pm

Does this mean Argentina are better than Belgium?

Ted July 5, 20145:10 pm

When you hear an ITV football commentator excitedly exclaim “instinctive”, you realise they must have the irony bred out of them.

Ian July 5, 20145:09 pm

GOAL! Higuain scores for Argentina. Perhaps this is the moment at which they wake up. A deflected cross from the right falls for Higuain, who swings a leg of mutton at the ball and twangs it across the Belgian goalkeeper and into the corner.

Ted July 5, 20145:08 pm


Ted July 5, 20145:08 pm

Don’t cry for me Argentina, the truth is I never Belgium

All through my Scifo, my Michel Preud’homme; I kept Marc Wilmots, you kept Gert-Jan Van Der Beeck.

Ian July 5, 20145:07 pm

Easily done.

Ian July 5, 20145:07 pm

I always forget that Demichalis won a Premier League champions medal last season.

Ian July 5, 20145:02 pm

Fancy Belgium to nick this. If they can keep possession and have the experience to shut Messi down, why not? Argentina still haven’t really impressed yet, prodigal son nothwithstanding.

Ted July 5, 20145:01 pm

We’re trying to work our telly

Ted July 5, 20144:59 pm

Come on Belgium.

Ah, sports fans. Hello. I didn’t hear you come in.

Ian July 5, 20144:58 pm

I really like the Belgium goalkeeper’s shirt, with the flag woven into the neck.