We have been discussing recording a podcast for some considerable time now, but this evening we are delighted to be able to finally release a beta version of it for your perusal. Sitting in to discuss some recent from the first couple of months of the season are Kris Stewart, former chair of AFC Wimbledon, Dave Boyle, once the Chief Executive of Supporters Direct and now a strategic consultant, and Steve Baker, who works as a match day commentator for the visually impaired at Brighton & Hove Albion whilst supporting Manchester City on the side. In addition to this, we are delighted to confirm that our guest for this first episode is a man who should need no introduction to the regular readers of this site, Guardian writer and author David Conn.

So, to tidy a few things up… We are looking for your assistance with getting this up and running properly through giving us a little constructive criticism. No-one that reads this site regularly will be that surprised by the content of this first stab at broadcasting – Hillsborough, Manchester City, Kettering Town, Cardiff City and John Terry all make appearances – and we should also take a moment to point out that we are aware of issues regarding the quality of a sizable chunk of this recording (which sounds a little as if it was recorded in the bathroom of a submarine) and the way that it has been spliced together (which turned out to be a highly fraught process) and the fact that there may even be small sections of it that don’t make a great deal of sense (this is due to a section of the recording being lost *cough* one and a bit times). These are all lessons that we have already learned. If you think it’s a little long, well, it’s only once a month and we may revise its length in the future. Future episodes, by the way, should also be available through ITunes and RSS.

Anyway, with many, many thanks to Kris, Dave, David and Steve, as well as Ed Dickins – who has provided both moral and technical support over the last couple of weeks – here it is, the home-made demo version of the first 200% podcast – you can download it by clicking here (ZShare) or here (Mediafire).

We’re also indebted to Terry Duffelen from Football Fairground for offering to upload it to here. Just right-click and save as.

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