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Bank Holiday Tuesday – Portrait Of A Foul

Imagine if you will being born. A comfortable float around a womb that you are quickly starting to outgrow. It has to end. Something’s got to give. Then the pushing and the seepage and the screaming and hey presto, pro-lifers everywhere pat themselves on the back, someone done a baby. As a life event, it is perhaps the most dangerous, perilous and traumatic your body will ever face.¬†And that’s what it is like to play non-league football on a Christmas Bank Holiday, I would like to argue. Not for the non-league player the dieticians, the monitors and the internal flight to another swish hotel of the Premier League, nor even the coach stopping off at the Little Chef of the Football League. You are responsible for yourself, floating around in your own little bubble of family, friends and a cheeky rum baba. But there’s the same constricting feeling of that ultimate date with destiny. In this case, it’s at the Robert Albon Memorial Stadium on 27th December 2011, kick-off 19:45. Be you ready for it or not, that’s when you are going to have to emerge, be you fully-formed or riddled with complications. And like the world beyond your dear mother’s foo-foo, it’s a pretty bloody awful place to be. It’s an attractive place for a football ground during the daylight hours, perched right on the edge of the...

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Only two teams in Worthing

As was touched upon here recently, Sussex is a county with a well-established and extensive non-league football structure. However, it’s not something I was aware of at all until 1995, when I moved to West Sussex. Having grown up just outside Brighton, Brighton and Hove Albion were very much the only team on my radar, so discovering this extraordinarily deep and rich community was very exciting, especially as it coincided with Brighton’s near-total collapse on and off the field. In the intervening thirteen years, I have seen more or less every non-league outfit within a few miles either side of me, some of them with baffling regularity. All except one: Worthing United. For those of you who don’t know anything about Worthing, it’s the sort of place you go to and no-one is there. Outside of the pedestrianised shopping centre (with ample parking, folks), it is pretty much a ghost town during the day. At night, even less happens, as your usual correspondent and I discovered on the way home from watching Worthing F.C. play last December. I have left pubs for various reasons, but this was the first time I’d ever left one because it genuinely appeared we were the first people to go across the threshold for some years and we were quite scared. Despite this, Worthing manages to sustain two football clubs. The big boys –...

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