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The 200% Hall of Fame: Steve Bull

Last October, the 200% Podcast gave out the first of its Hall of Fame awards. In lieu of having the resources to be able to send them anything of actual value, we promised at that time that we would eventually get around to writing some words and creating a picture to mark their inclusion, and here’s the second in this series, Wolverhampton Wanderers and England’s Steve Bull, as remembered by one Edward Carter.   Head down and stampeding towards goal, the concept of nominal determinism reached an apotheosis in Steve Bull, arguably one of the greatest players ever seen...

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Video of the Day: Watford vs Wolverhampton Wanderers, January 1981

The late 1970s and early 1980s were an exciting time to be a Watford supporter. Under the stewardship of Graham Taylor, the Hornets had been promoted from the Fourth Division in 1978 and had managed a second successive promotion a year later, and while the club’s upward ascent had stalled slightly in the second tier of the English league system, by the time of the Fourth Round of the FA Cup in 1981 it was comfortably positioned in a mid-table position in the Second Division and still looking in an upward direction. The 1980/81 season would finish with Watford...

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On Financial Fair Play & Legal Threats

It was always likely to only be a matter of time before somebody issued a legal challenge to somebody’s Financial Fair Play rules somewhere in this country. After all, the acquisition of debt has become one of the defining characteristics of football in this country from the very top of the professional game down in recent years. Indeed, in some respects it might be even considered a tradition – English football clubs have been using their financial muscle to crowd out their rivals since before the Football Association’s rules even allowed players to be paid to play. The challenge to Financial Fair Play is being made to the Football League and it’s coming primarily from the Championship, although reports have been conflicting on how many it might be, with the Guardian not giving the exact number of clubs behind it all (although they did name  Leicester City, Queens Park Rangers, Blackburn Rovers and Wolverhampton Wanderers as being amongst the main movers behind it), whilst the Daily Mail went a step further and made the claim that ten clubs from the Championship and one from League One were involved in it all, although they only added the name of Bolton Wanderers to that given by their rival publication. The Guardian’s list of clubs came from “Championship sources,” and there is little reason to question it. The notion of Financial Fair...

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