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Match Of The Week: Whitehawk 3-2 Fareham Town

Whitehawk Football Club may be on the up, with a newly-removated clubhouse and money to spend on players, but their FA Vase opponents today Fareham Town offer something of a cautionary tale for them. Will Whitehawk learn from the mistakes of others?

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Out In The Open Revisited – Football & Homophobia

It is only very seldom that we re-run articles on here but, in view of the fact that today is the day of the Brighton Gay Pride festival, we thought that it would be appropriate to run a piece that first appeared on here in March 2007 on the subject of football and homophobia. It was our intention to run more articles on this subject and we will do in the future – if you can help, feel free to get in touch. Try to imagine, if you will, watching a live football match on the television. It is, for the sake of argument, Chelsea vs Arsenal, and fifteen minutes or so into proceedings, it becomes apparent to you that the Chelsea supporters are singing, “you’re just a team full of niggers”. Your jaw drops open, scarcely able to believe that something so crass would be sung in this day and age, but it’s right there in front of you. We like to think, at the dawn of a new century, that we’ve got this political correctness thing licked and, thankfully, the sort of scene that I’ve described above is fairly (though not, regrettably, completely) unthinkable. Racist abuse of players was, of course, not remotely uncommon for as long as there were black players on the pitch up until into the 1990s. There’s a convincing argument for saying that...

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