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Match Of The Week: Spurs 9-1 Wigan Athletic

Spurs have scored nine goals before in front of the “Match Of The Day” cameras, against Bristol Rovers in the Second Divison in 1977. This, however, was a different kettle of fish, and it’s a result that casts doubt over Wigan Athletic’s ability to keep their heads above water this season.

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The Acquittal Of The Tottenham Two

Two Spurs supporters have been acquitted of abusive and offensive chanting aimed at Sol Campbell, but this doesn’t mean that the club’s supporters shouldn’t reappraise their poisonous attitude towards him.

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Match Of The Week: Spurs 1-3 Manchester United

Winter is coming. The evenings are starting to feel a little fresher and the sun no longer affords the heat that it did. After a break for the international matches, the Premier League is back and it is back with a weekend of...

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