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Match Of The Week: Bangor City 1-0 TNS

That the English Premier League show arrive at a showdown like this. Today is the final day of the season in the Welsh Premier League, and the two teams at the top of the table, Bangor City and The New Saints, are playing each other for the league title. Going into the match, TNS are a point clear of Bangor, meaning that a draw will lift them the championship, but a home win will take the Welsh championship to Bangor for the first time in over a decade and a half. With the league championship comes a more prosaic reward than honour, as well. A place in next year’s Champions League – albeit in the qualifying round – awaits the winners, while the runners-up go into the Europa League. For clubs running on the sort of budget that WPL clubs run, this is likely to mean a significant amount of money. It is one of the quirks of Welsh league football that Bangor City have contrived to go fifteen years without a league championship. The club had an honorable history within the English pyramid until the early 1990s, including four seasons in what we now call the Blue Square Premier and and appearance in the FA Trophy final in 1984, where they only lost to Northwich Victoria in a replay, after drawing the first match at Wembley. A sense...

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Merthyr & Daylight Robbery

The ongoing crisis at Southern League club Merthyr Tydfil has been one of this season’s slow-burning financial crises, but events over the last day or two have given us a clearer idea of the motivation of the club’s owner, and further concern that football’s newest franchise club could soon be foisted upon us unless the game’s authorities step in and make a stand against the chancers, speculators and fly-by-nights and in favour of the actual supporters of the clubs themselves. It is a situation that has come about through a mixture of slow, painful neglect and that is exacerbated by the somewhat peculiar relationship between teams in the Welsh Premier League and the English non-league game. Ultimately, however, the mismanagement of one man the willingness of an anonymous other to cash in on this is threatening the very existence of a club with a long and proud history. As long ago as August, we reported on the frankly bizarre behaviour of Merthyr owner Wyn Holloway, who seemed to want the club’s supporters trust to pay bills that had been run up under his charge and, when the trust submitted an offer to him to take over the day to day running of the club in returning for a controlling stake in the club’s shares, returned the offer to them unopened and barred the Trust Chair from their ground. In...

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