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Swindon Town’s Turn For A Winding Up Order?

Swindon Town are reported to have been with a demand for bankruptcy by one of their creditors, but their robust response to it has been to dispute that they even owe this money. So, did the company that lent it to them make a mistake, or are the club’s new owners barking up the wrong tree?

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Town & Out – The Endgame

We’ve covered the ongoing collapse at Swindon Town on here before, haven’t we? I just had a quick look through the posts and couldn’t spot it by title, but I will have another look later on this morning. For those of you that aren’t aware of what has been going on, it would appear that the days of Swindon Town are numbered – take over talks have collapsed, and news is reaching me that the players and staff have already been informed that it unlikely that they will play for the club again. Whilst it would be absurd to describe this as a “tragedy” in the same way as one would describe, say, Hillsbrough as a tragedy, there is something very upsetting about the collapse of a professional football club. Swindon Town have had their moments of celebrity in the past – Don Rogers and the League Cup winning team of 1969 that beat Arsenal on a pitch fit only for building sandcastles upon, or the one-hundred goal conceding team of 1994, who were promoted into the Premier League only to lose their manager, Glen Hoddle, at the start of the summer. You don’t have to be particularly old to remember them or the fact that, for all their incompetence, they held Manchester United to a draw at The County Ground, Liverpool to a draw at Anfield and took...

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Town In The Doldrums

It will probably warrant a mere footnote in most of the newspapers should the worst happen, but it would appear that Swindon Town are closer to extinction than we had at first suspected. The local newspaper in the area this morning reported that any take-over of the club might cost as much £18m – a considerable amount of money for a club in the lower divisions with few, if any, assets. The pessimism around The County Ground is such that many are now openly wondering whether the club will still be solvent for their League One match against Tranmere Rovers next week. What is amazing about the amount of debt that Swindon Town have got themselves into is how little return they have had to show for it recent years. Massive amounts are owed to people that have “invested in the club” in recent years (a quick note here to people who are hoping for a multi-millionaire to “invest” in their club – people with a lot of money don’t usually throw their money around lightly, and usually look for a return on their investment). We know that Swindon haven’t spent massive amounts of money on their ground (as anyone has that has sat at the still uncovered away end at The County Ground will be able to testify) and they haven’t been conspicuous by their success on the...

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