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Match Of The Week: Brighton & Hove Albion 1-0 Stockport County

The end of the football season brings out the mathematician in us all. Brighton & Hove Albion supporters spent most of yesterday morning poring over fixture lists but, behind the permutations and logarithms, there was a simple equation. Beat Stockport County, and you don’t have to do any sums. Beat Stockport County and you will stay up, regardless of results elsewhere. At lunchtime, there were four teams that could yet go down, and the fixture list had been kind to Brighton & Hove Albion. While they are at home to Stockport, recently placed into administration, Crewe Alexandra are at home against Leicester City, Northampton Town are away to Leeds United and Carlisle United are at home against Millwall. In other words, their rivals are playing three of the top four teams in the division. London Road, near Brighton town centre, is crowded as ever, but is also peppered with button-down, beer drinking likely lads. For once, a hint – albeit slight – of menace is in the air. Brighton town centre usually seems quietly oblivious to the goings on up the road at Withdean Stadium, but there is something in the air today. This match was sold out by the middle of last week, a small glimmer of the clubs potential, and there is a crackling sense of nervous energy in the air. It feels as if the reality...

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Football League Play-Off Preview

It’s that time of year again, when Wembley fills with expectant supporters for the play-off finals. Over the course of Saturday, Sunday and Monday, three matches will be played that decide who will be in what division next season, and it’s time to have a look forward to those three matches, starting with Monday’s match between Stockport County and Rochdale. Stockport and Rochdale may well be comparatively near neighbours geographically, but whilst one of them has never been promoted, the other has had a tumultuous fifteen years or so, which resulted in the near closure of the club and an eventual take-over by the club’s own supporters. They’re now trying to undo the damage that was wreaked upon them by the previous owners, and their place in the play-offs is no small surprise in itself. Stockport County vs Rochdale: If you’re under the age of about 40, you won’t be able to remember Rochdale playing in any division other than the basement of the Football League, though whether you call it Division Four, Division Three or League Two probably depends upon your age. Since being relegated into Division Four in 1973, they have barely troubled either end of the table (although they did have a close brush with the drop in 2004, and managed a play-off place in 2003. Celebrating their centenary appears to have had a beneficial effect...

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You Too Could Own A Piece Of Edgeley Park!

If you’re looking for a decent synopsis of how the average English football supporter can be made to suffer in a wide variety of different ways, you’d have to search pretty hard to find a better example that Stockport County. There are clubs that have been treated worse, and that have had sets of circumstances thrust upon them that have been more severe, but for sheer breadth of humiliations and crises, Stockport take some beating. They were voted into the Football League in 1900, but out again 1904 for a season. In 1911, they were banned from playing at home for two weeks after their supporters took umbrage at a series of refereeing decisions during a match against Blackpool and started throwing stones at him. Most famously of all, they recorded a record low Football League attendance when they reported a crowd of just 13 for a match against Leicester City in 1921, although the truth of the matter wasn’t quite as simple as that. Having been banned by the FA from playing matches at Edgeley Park again after crowd disturbances, they opted to use Old Trafford while banned. The Leicester match was played late on a Saturday afternoon, immediately after a match between Manchester United and Derby County. It is not generally accepted that the actual crowd for the match was about 2,000, but that most of the...

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