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Stirling Albion Break New Ground

More than a year after launching their bid for the club, the Stirling Albion Supporters Club has finally announced that it has bought the club from previous owner Peter McKenzie. Some in the Scottish press are hailing it as “the first community-owned football club in Britain”. I’ve tried and failed to find some twisted definition of “community-owned club” which could make this statement in any way true, but let’s not be too picky here – this is great news and is uncharted waters for Scottish football, which has been a bit behind England with regards to Trust ownership.

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The Stirling Albion Supporters Trust Get It Wrong

Since the start of the age of the commercialisation within football, supporters have been pretty tolerant of much of the “progress” that has been made. Stirling Albion’s supporters trust, though, wants to test this tolerance to the limit.

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Stirling Albion Prepare To Fight To The Last

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it isn’t only in England and Wales that football clubs are maladministered. Gavin Saxton reports from Stirling Albion, where the club has to find £48,000 to avoid a winding up order while the clubs Supporters Trust fights a rear-guard action to keep it alive.

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