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Buddies Or Enemies? St Mirren Get Dragged Into The Rangers Story

The timing was perfect – two-and-a-half years ago. Stewart Gilmour had been St. Mirren chair longer than anyone else in the club’s then 132-year history. He had overseen a ground move which, with the help of Tesco (other supermarket chains are available), had left the “Buddies” debt-cleared. And, perhaps conscious that the Scottish professional football model wasn’t over-conducive to debt-freedom, he and a consortium of fellow directors put their collective shareholding, a controlling 52%, up for sale in September 2009. Yet this takeover saga is still far from over and is making bigger headlines than ever… now that it has a link to the Old Firm. A takeover bid by supporters under the auspices of a Community Interest Company (CIC), a ‘social enterprises’ business model, has encountered numerous problems since its two driving forces, Richard Atkinson and Chris Stewart, joined the Saints board in June 2010. And it lost significant funding last November. However, a restructure into a “supporters’ co-operative” breathed new life into the bid whilst another bid, led by Buddies’ directors Ken McGeoch and Paul Davies, appeared as little more than a footnote in the overall story. Then, on March 7th, about ninety-four statements were released by various Rangers ‘people’, which were ostensibly in response to a 1500-word “liquidation is inevitable” rant from Ibrox non-executive director Dave King but may actually have been part of an early...

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There Was A Store Where The Creatures Met

While England was fixated on the FA Cup and doing its normal trick of simultaneously going on about it at great length and telling anyone that will listen that it is both The Greatest Cup Competition In The World (and if that phrase hasn’t been trademarked by the FA, it surely will be soon) and Not As Important As It Used To Be, football supporters in Scotland were turning their attention at least partially away from the grotesque circus that is the Old Firm to say goodbye to arguably one their last old style football stadia. Saturday afternoon was the last hurrah for Love Street, the rough and ready home of Paisley’s finest, St Mirren. Truth be told, Love Street had become something of an anachronism in the modern Scottish game, and Scottish football can be even more ruthlessly modernist than we can be down here in England. When Airdrieonians went bust, a group bought Clydebank FC, changed its name to Airdrie United and took their place in the Scottish Football League. When it was decided that Meadowbank Thistle weren’t making enough money in the Commonwealth Stadium in Edinburgh, they were uprooted to the new town Livingston and had their name forcibly changed. Love Street, with it’s old-style floodlight pylons and a town centre location that was literally with yards of a row of houses, didn’t fit the self-image...

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