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Southend United’s Counter-Attack Against HMRC

When HMRC came a-calling for Southend United’s tax debt, the club decided that it didn’t the money in the first place. Or did it? Mark Murphy finds mixed messages coming from Roots Hall, and supporters of the club are now very concerned about its long-term well-being.

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Southend United Hit The Financial Buffers

Southend United are the latest club to be in trouble with the taxman, and they have a date in court on Monday with a bill of over £600,000 to pay. Mark Murphy takes at look at the recent goings-on at Roots Hall – goings-on which are starting to become wearyingly commonplace this season.

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A Brave New World

Whilst noble in principle, the Abercrombie Report could hardly now be described as having been an unqualified success. The report, which advocated the mass decampment of a million and a half people from the overcrowded East End of London, led to the creation of such wonders of post-war architecture as Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Harlow. The development of Harlow Town Football Club through the county leagues, into the Athenian League and finally into the Isthmian League in 1974 mirrored the initial success of the town, and its decline during the 1980s was almost eerie in the way that it matched the physical decline of an area that had suffered in the long term as a result of the enforced financial restraints of post-war British town planning. To say that Harlow’s impact upon the FA Cup was sudden and unexpected would be something of an understatement. They had joined the Isthmian League in 1973 when the league expanded to two divisions, but had finished fourth from bottom in their first season and hardly set the world alight in the years immediately in afterwards. In 1979, however, they suddenly and unexpectedly came to life. Under the careful managership of Ian Wolstenholme (who had saved a last minute penalty for Enfield at Wembley in the 1967 FA Amateur Cup Final against Skelmersdale United), they won the Isthmian League by fourteen...

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