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The 20 “Most Important” Football Clubs In The World

It doesn’t do any of us any harm to occasionally remind ourselves of the sheer blustering pomposity of the biggest clubs in football. Tonight’s ambassadors for “giving the fans what they want” (as ever, a thin mask for “making more money for ourselves”) are Milan, who had some very important opinions to give on the subject of a European Super League. “”I still believe a European league will be an unavoidable step, though it may take more time than expected,” said the Milan director Umberto Gandini. “Between the 50 most important continental clubs, none would give up playing in their respective countries”. Disregarding the increasingly popular opinion that perhaps the “most important” clubs should perhaps be expelled from all other competitions, packed onto a space shuttle with anyone that likes the idea of Milan playing Manchester United every week for the rest of eternity and sent to Jupiter so that they can get on with it there without inflicting it upon the rest of us, the use of the phrase “most important” which is the giveaway. The winding up of G14 and subsequent inclusion of the biggest clubs into the European Clubs Association was supposed to put an end to all of this, but it was simplistic to assume that the more atavistic tendencies of the biggest clubs would vanish merely because Michel Platini invited them for tea and...

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Kings Of The Stone Age

I have been involved in the running of a couple of amateur football clubs, and the biggest single issue is funding. How do you secure sponsorship for a club with no supporters (and, occasionally, less than eleven players)? It’s not cheap, either. Chances are, no matter how small your club is, that you’ll have to raise the best part of a couple of thousand pounds to cover the cost of pitches and referees, before you even get onto the thorny issue of kit and equipment – and let’s not even get onto the subject of trying to subsidise an end of season beano. In many respects, it’s little surprise that the number of people playing football is falling, year on year. Considering these uphill battles (and running one of these clubs is nothing if not a series of minor uphill battles – I may get around to putting my Sunday League Memoirs up on here one day), it’s small wonder that some new clubs go to great lengths to make their lives a little easier, and this has been taken to something approaching a logical extreme by 27 year-old Scot Kenny Anderson, who is claiming that his new football club is the oldest in the world. The Foot-Ball Club of Edinburgh was formed in 1827, and reportedly played until it folded in 1841. Anderson has a couple of friends...

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