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Scunthorpe & Sheffield: United, Yet Divided

The biggest Football League crowd of the weekend didn’t come, for once, from the Championship. An attendance of almost 28,000 people was at Bramall Lane to see the top two clubs in League One prove what the league table has been saying for a little while, now, that there’s only a hair’s breadth between the two clubs that, for now at least, ┬áremain the most likely to get promoted – although supporters of both Bolton Wanderers and Fleetwood Town may well dispute this assertion – at the end of the season. This was, unsurprisingly, a tempestuous encounter, defined by...

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Match Of The Past: Scunthorpe United

We continue our series of the archive matches of the clubs of Football League One this morning with one of the stalwarts of the lower divisions, Scunthorpe United. Our first match is from the 1957/58 season, and features Scunthorpe – then still known as Scunthorpe & Lindsay United – at home against Liverpool in the Fifth Round of the FA Cup. For our second match, we stay in the same round of the same competition, only this time it’s twelve years later and Scunthorpe are travelling to Wiltshire to play Swindon Town in February 1970. We then complete a hat-trick of FA Cup matches with our next match, which sees Scunthorpe at home against Leeds United in a Third Round Second Replay match from the start of 1984. Our second three matches are all from the Football League. First up is a trip to play Hull City in October 1996, and then we have a home match against Mansfield Town from November 2000, and finally we have the club’s promotion party from the end of the 2006/07 season. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter by clicking...

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Standing Up For Scunthorpe

In the immediate aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, there was a rush to change English football and, whilst many of the changes that were introduced in the years following it were long overdue, some were smuggled through by speculators who recognised the ability to make a buck or two from football and were clued up enough to understand that perhaps football supporters weren’t spending quite as much money at matches as they could be. The Taylor Report suggested that all-seater stadia be introduced in the top two divisions, and by the time the Premier League began in 1992 many English football grounds were building sites as the concrete steps were replaced with shiny, tip-up seats. Whether this was necessary or even done entirely for the benefit of supporters has been something of a bone of contention ever since. In the two intervening decades, much has changed. In Germany, safe standing areas have become commonplace, with terraced areas converted easily to seating for European matches which require stadia to be all-seated. In England, though, the rules remain the same. The top two divisions – the Premier League and the Championship – have to be all-seater, and clubs promoted into the Championship have three years in which to comply with these rules. All of this brings us to Scunthorpe United. Scunthorpe are now in their third season in the...

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Match Of The Week: Scunthorpe United 2-1 Plymouth Argyle

As if by stealth, the end of the season is creeping up on us. League matches now all hold a degree of greater significance, but the finite nature of the season doesn’t feel so obvious until the last few weeks. At the bottom of the Championship, things are as tight as ever. There is a gap at the bottom of the table between Plymouth Argyle, Peterborough United and the rest, but either of them could yet, with a burst of form, drag themselves clear of the foot of the table. For Plymouth, there is a chance to make up a bit of the gap this weekend, though with a trip to Lincolnshire to play Scunthorpe United. Scunthorpe were the suprise package of last year’s League One play-offs, and this season has been just about as tough as they might have feared. They go into this afternoon’s match one place above Plymouth, but they were swatted aside like an inconvient insect by divisional leaders Newcastle United on Tuesday night and are without a win since the sixteenth of February. Plymouth, meanwhile, are making a decent fist of trying to scramble to safety. They beat Bristol City with an injury time winner but they have only lost won of their last four matches. They are still adrift at the foot of the table, but they are still in touch. The weather...

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Match Of The Week: ** **** 0-0 Scunthorpe United

So, you play a forty-six match season in which you have finished in third place, some distance clear of the opposition. At the end of that season, you have take part in a play-off match against a team that finished three league places and eleven points behind you, and you fail to kill them off over the 210 minutes of open played that transpire, and the tie goes to a penalty shoot-out. At 3-3, the opposition miss, giving you a golden opportunity to take the lead, but your player misses. At 4-4, the opposition miss again and you are just one kick away from a Wembley final. And you miss it again. Then, at 7-6 down, your former international striker, a man that has played in the Premier League, the Champions League and the World Cup Finals, misses. And that’s it. You’ve blown it. Sometimes it’s surprising how magnanimous football supporters can be. Most of us know the aching pain of losing after a penalty shoot-out, missing out on promotion by the breadth of a goalpost or any of the other myriad of misfortunes that can blow your entire season, and we understand that there is something fundamentally cruel about the end of season play-offs. Leeds United may still be widely loathed (to be frank, it’s disproportionate, considering that they have now been two years in League One and...

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