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Numbers And Satisfaction On The Opening Day Of The Season

Perusing acres of statistics that can be found in newspapers on the opening weekend of the football season can be a most enlightening way to pass the couple of hours, even if focusing on the attendance figures rather than the results themselves does require a certain degree of furtiveness. At the top end of the game, there are few surprises to be found. Most Premier League clubs will attract decent attendances regardless of any bad news that may have been forthcoming over the course of the summer, whilst lower down the Football League there will be empty seats, but on the whole if crowds are to dip this will not come until the evenings draw in and tempting alternatives such as Champions League football on free to air television start to become more readily available. On the whole, though, crowds at bigger clubs can reasonably be expected to begin as they will continue. As we drop down through the divisions, however, crowd numbers become increasingly volatile. After all, it doesn’t need any more than a couple of hundred people to decide that they have something better to do on a Saturday afternoon during the summer for many non-league clubs’ attendances to start looking as if they were compiled by the Grim Reaper and such numbers can easily be affected by other plans or clear blue skies and the enticing...

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The Noose Tightens Around Rushden

There was always something faintly ridiculous about the decision of Rushden & Diamonds FC try and appeal against their expulsion from the Football Conference. Leagues have their rules and, if clubs don’t abide by them, they are likely to run into problems and, whilst the Conference has got many things wrong in recent years, one thing that they have managed to get a proper hold of has been the seemingly perpetual financial shenanigans going on at several of their clubs. There were, of course, rumours that Rushden would somehow manage to pull off some sort of result from the appeal, but with the club’s financial position remaining as dismal as at any point over the last few months and the supporters that were battling to raise funds to save the club having already decided that a new club would be a better use of their time, there was little reasonable prospect of any appeal being successful. The next step in the process was utterly predictable. With the club no longer in the Blue Square Premier, Rushden & Diamonds were placed into administration by one of its creditors. This seemed like news to the club’s Chief Executive, Steve Beasant, who subsequently stated that, “The club will be placed into receivership via Nene Park owners, based upon their powers under historic legal charges over the club”. Perhaps this was a verbal...

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A Deeply Flawed Solution: Rushden Out And Kettering In At Nene Park

It is the Annual General Meeting of the Southern Football League today, at which the ratification of the constitution of the league for next season will take place. One of the teams that is supposed to be starting the new season, however, Rushden & Diamonds, is now almost certainly not going be starting the new season at the end of a week that seems likely to change the face of football in Northamptonshire forever. This time last week, Rushden were expelled by the Football Conference. As big a blow as this might have been to the club, that was nothing in comparison with the High Court hearing during the week that was brought by one of the club’s (numerous) creditors. The result of that hearing – a twenty-one day adjournment – could be regarded as a no-score draw. It is understood that a take-over deal upon which the club’s survival was hanging was dependent on them being in the Blue Square Premier next season. With that now gone, the likelihood of someone stepping in and saving their club now seems remote, to extent that a supporters group set up to try and save the club has now switched its attention to founding aa new one instead. The club had appealed the Football Conference’s decision, but the chances of this appeal being upheld seem similarly unlikely. The league imposes tough...

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Rushden Expelled From The Football Conference

The non-league football AGM cup had been eagerly awaited, but the early results have still come as a bit of a shock. Rushden & Diamonds were expelled from the Football Conference this morning, a decision that will have ramifications throughout the non-league game. Southport, who finished in fourth from bottom place in the league and were to be relegated into the Blue Square North for next season, will be reprieved and Hertfordshire club Bishops Stortford, in one of those quirks that is always possible in a regional system, seem likely to be shifted into the Blue Square North. Amongst the round trips that they will face next season will include a six hundred mile round-trip to Workington and a five hundred and fifty mile round-trip to play Blyth Spartans. We have reported on the problems at Rushden on this site before, of course. The arrival of Gary Calder (formerly of Hornchurch and Weymouth, hardly a Curriculum Vitae to inspire a great deal of confidence) with the father and son Beasant duo in December of last year brought considerable problems for the club, and a familiar argot of phrases – players unpaid, transfer embargo, HMRC, winding-up order, creditors meeting – has come to encircle the club over the last six months or so, culminating in a farcical meeting which only seemed to exacerbate the tensions that had built up between...

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Diamonds Aren’t Forever? Rushden In A Critical Condition

Non-league football is often described as a family, and one of its more recurring themes is that certain names have a tendency to turn up over and over again, like half-forgotten uncles at a reunion. Take, for example, Gary Calder. Calder was the chairman of Hornchurch FC when their money suddenly ran out towards the end of 2004 and he pitched up some time after this at Weymouth, as the Chief Executive of the club. Calder arrived at Rushden and Diamonds at the start of December with the father and son team of Steve and Liam Beasant in tow. Steve had been involved in a previous attempt to buy Weymouth, and the plans that they and Calder had were, in some respects, appealing. Their company, PB Devs, was set to be based at the club’s Nene Park ground, offering NVQs within the sport and leisure industry. Within three months, though, that plan was starting to unravel and since then the wellbeing of Rushden & Diamonds FC has taken a distinct turn for the worse. As early as the middle of January, there were signs of cracks in this potential panacea for smaller clubs. Back in Weymouth, a sports trust called WeySports was making local news headlines over confusion regarding who exactly was eligible to gain the qualification on offer, with PB Devs having acted as the link between the...

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