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The FA Cup Final 2008

In an age in which football has become almost wearily predictable in many respects, this year’s FA Cup has been a breath of fresh air. Whether we’re talking about Havant & Waterlooville’s demolition of Swansea City and their subsequent day out at Anfield, Barnsley’s extraordinary performances against Liverpool and Chelsea and Portsmouth’s tin at Old Trafford have been just some of the highlights of a remarkable year’s cup football, which culminates tomorrow at Wembley with the unexpected sight of Cardiff City taking on Portsmouth. A quick scout around this morning’s main sport websites gives away the rank hypocrisy of the British sports press, who are quick to laud the underdogs when they knock the big clubs out (presumably because it’s what people want to read) but then ignore the main event, presumably because there aren’t enough “stars” involved. You’ be forgiven for thinking that there is no FA Cup Final this year if you read The Guardian’s Sport Blog (though their football site does make a bit more of an effort). The Independent makes a better effort, but the wooden spoon goes to The Times, whose Ten Reasons To Be Fearful is largely insulting and, notably, takes clear precedence over the Ten Reasons To Be Cheerful article that it was a counter to. Why, one wonders, would The Times feel the need to run an article countering an article...

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Pompey Play Up

There are a couple of clubs for whom 2007/08 could turn out to to be the perfect season. For supporters of, say, Hull City, promotion to the Premier League coupled with a failure on the part of Leeds United to get back into League One could be regarded as everything that their supporters have ever dreamed of. If there is one club, however, that is looking at having a once in a lifetime, best ever season, it’s Portsmouth, whose supporters could be celebrating an unprecedented double, come the end of May – winning the FA Cup for the first time in almost seventy years, coupled with their bitter rivals Southampton being relegated from the Championship. The prospect of European football coming to Fratton Park for the first time whilst Southampton have to spend at least one season playing against the likes of Cheltenham Town and Peterborough United must cause a small bead of drool to form in the corner of their mouths. Portsmouth’s involvement in this weekend’s FA Cup semi-finals adds to the “retro” air hanging over this year’s competition. Although they have managed to establish themselves as a Premier League club that looks capable of booking a European place on league position alone under what has turned out to be the surprisingly astute managership of Harry Redknapp, their cup record over the last fifty years or so has...

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