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Time To Change The Guard At Port Vale?

Sheffield Wednesday supporters will recognise the plot. Against a backdrop of declining fortunes for Port Vale’s team, including getting out of a division of the Football League at the wrong end, their directors said they were embarking on a search for “investment” to stem financial losses, reverse on-field trends and get the club back to its rightful place in English football. But the “investor(s)” had to have the “best interests of the club at heart.” So, despite years of searching, the board – or at least a majority of it – have found increasingly ‘unorthodox’ ways of rejecting every investment proposal received. Both sagas have had a cast of thousands, including speculative bidders and people you’ve heard of (famous Vale fans including a perennial World Darts champion and a singer in a popular beat combo). Port Vale’s board also appear to be on its last legs, with the prospect of a convoluted, divisive club share structure being swept away by the multi-million pound swagger of a new 100% owner and the prospect of a happy ending. Although, as at Wednesday – where the takeover by ex-Portsmouth chairman Milan Mandaric was headlined by one cynic “Tax evader buys tax evaders” – events may yet turn again. Vale went into administration in 2002 with debts estimated at £2m. That was a lot of money in those days. And it still is...

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Micky Adams – Old School Manager

Port Vale manager Micky Adams put his entire first team squad on the transfer list after they lost at Notts County, which rather begs the questions of whether there is any evidence that such strong-arm managerial tactics work and, well, whether there even exists such as thing as literal “transfer list”.

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