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The Dog Returns to the Pompey Manger.

You have to admire the stoicism of football fans. No matter how much the parameters of the game are manipulated to the advantage of those with little emotional investment in our clubs we continue to process through the turnstiles. We tolerate being frisked for lethal bottle tops and are directed to seats where we are ordered to sit down and play nice. The money we pay goes who-knows-where? Given the loose regulation of the business of the game and the range of people passed as fit and proper to own a club we are expected to improve the finances of anyone from arms dealers through owners of unregulated financial institutions to nice philanthropic gentlemen. Except we don’t get to choose. In some cases we don’t even know who they are – eh Ken? Its laissez-fair all the way to the bank or the insolvency courts. Like it or lump it.  So again at Pompey the return of the most reluctant  owner of a business since Basil Fawlty is welcomed by many with relief and the hope that this time the magic beans will take root and flourish. Maybe the dog will let a little more of the grain dribble out of the manger this time. How many times? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me … fool me three times? Money for old rope....

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Greg Clarke: A Bit of A Dinlow Moment?

‘Dinlow’ is proper Pompey. It is used, often affectionately, to someone who has said or done something idiotic. If Greg Clarke has not been a ‘bit of a din’ in his statement regarding Portsmouth Football Club yesterday then he is guilty of being either over-simplistic or disingenuous, I feel. He certainly hasn’t helped the odds on the survival of the club. He has, very kindly, ‘warned Portsmouth he fears they are on the verge of liquidation,’ according to Sky Sports. Well, no sugar Sherlock! Down at Pompey we are wondering if Clarke has been residing on another planet for a while. ‘The debts at that club are immense, we are talking tens of millions of pounds,’ the erudite Clarke continued. This the same erudite man on whose watch the FL passed the erstwhile Vladimir Antonov as a fit and proper owner for Portsmouth Football club; Antonov who was shot at by Chechens, refused a banking licence by the FSA, with whom General Motors would not trade and who now awaits extradition from the UK to face charges of alleged money laundering and fraud in Lithuania. Mr Clarke told the Government Enquiry into football governance in February last year that, ‘If I had to list the 10 things about football that keep me awake at night, it would be debt one to 10.’ Pompey fans could say the same. Mr Clarke...

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