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Pompey Fans Rattle Some Cages

Stark reality bites. Portsmouth Football Club 5 April 1898 – 10 August 2012. R.I.P. Yet nothing is ever as it seems at Pompey. Beneath the choppy waters a constant storm wages on the ocean bed. Whilst Pompey Supporters Trust holds itself ready to do a deal with players, charge holders and creditors, the strange PR spin emanating from Fratton Park seems to be creating a web of misconception and deception. As Ian King has said already on this site, Administrator Trevor Birch has issued an ultimatum. Pompey will cease to exist on 10 August if certain senior players, as football creditors, do not come to a compromise agreement with potential new owners on what they are owed. There simply is not enough money in the club, or available in the two bids (from Balram Chainrai’s Portpin and the Pompey Supporters’ Trust), to repay them what they are owed under their current contracts. Nor is there money to sustain those contracts in League 1 next season. Over the weekend negotiations had come to resemble a Mexican stand-off. Portpin has a deal on the table, voted on by the club’s creditors and representing a CVA agreement. That deal is conditional on the high wage earners leaving the club. Birch has been working in the 28 days since the creditors meeting to that end, succeeding only in removing Hayden Mullins to Birmingham...

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The Dog Returns to the Pompey Manger.

You have to admire the stoicism of football fans. No matter how much the parameters of the game are manipulated to the advantage of those with little emotional investment in our clubs we continue to process through the turnstiles. We tolerate being frisked for lethal bottle tops and are directed to seats where we are ordered to sit down and play nice. The money we pay goes who-knows-where? Given the loose regulation of the business of the game and the range of people passed as fit and proper to own a club we are expected to improve the finances of anyone from arms dealers through owners of unregulated financial institutions to nice philanthropic gentlemen. Except we don’t get to choose. In some cases we don’t even know who they are – eh Ken? Its laissez-fair all the way to the bank or the insolvency courts. Like it or lump it.  So again at Pompey the return of the most reluctant  owner of a business since Basil Fawlty is welcomed by many with relief and the hope that this time the magic beans will take root and flourish. Maybe the dog will let a little more of the grain dribble out of the manger this time. How many times? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me … fool me three times? Money for old rope....

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