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Little Rays Of Sunshine

It’s probably fair to say that we would all like the league tables at the end of the season to have been decided by events that take place on the field of play. This is why the points deductions that were handed out by the Football League during the summer left such a bad taste in the mouth. The damage at Rotherham United, Luton Town and Bournemouth was done long before this summer, and the cost of it is, by and large, being borne by people that were little if not nothing to do with what actually went wrong. So far this season, the Football League has managed to hold up reasonably well financially, but there’s nothing in the general long-term prognosis isn’t good. If the economy continues to shrink, then season ticket sales are likely to fall sharply. Clubs may be about to discover that they are a luxury that many people can’t afford when times get hard. Considering that most of the worst financial crises have, thus far, been fought off, one might have expected that the majority of league tables were being decided, for once, by what occurred on the pitch, but that’s not completely true, and one league is leading the way when it comes to handing out heavy sanctions for errors – The Blue Square Premier. The BSP has earned itself a reputation for...

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Oxford United 2-1 St Albans City

Well, we a great day out, at least. It was something of an ill-advised idea, really, taking half a day off work and getting the train from Brighton to Oxford, whilst filling ourselves with gin, but it seemed to do the trick, and we ended up a hair’s breadth away from what would have been the greatest result in the meagre history of The Saints. First up, we met an Oxford supporter on the train, who was a thoroughly smashing chap and (more importantly, considering that we didn’t know where we were going or anything) took us to the pub, on the bus to the ground, and then met us again afterwards for more booze. He will probably cherish the looks on our faces as we turned the corner of the road and saw the Kassam Stadium for the first time. Although only three-sided, it’s a quite lovely stadium (a bit like a slightly scaled down version of The New Den, for those of you that care about such things). No rotten wooden bench seats and crumbling concrete terraces for us last night. This was a proper football stadium. The couple of hundred or so that had made the trip from Hertfordshire were never going to fill the entire stand that we had been given, and we were, of course, utterly outsung by 6000 home fans, but as the...

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