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Northampton Town: The Chinese Are Coming

It was two years ago that a curious story started to emerge from the lower reaches of the Football League of a stand that never got built and an amount of money that seemed to have vanished into thin air. Northampton Town had been lent a considerable amount of money, £10.25m, by its local council between the autumn of 2013 and the autumn of 2014, ostensibly for the construction of a new stand at the club’s Sixfields home, but despite several revisions to the plans for this new building, works stalled, contractors pulled out, and before too long it started...

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The Pitfalls of Travelling From Northampton Town To Charlton

There probably couldn’t have been two more contrasting ways to experience the end of this Football League season than those of the supporters of Charlton Athletic and those of the supporters of Northampton Town last weekend. Charlton’s season has been one of abject failure on the pitch and increasingly bitter rancour away from it. Already well adrift of the dotted line that would have marked the line between safety and relegation, there were yet further protests as the team was swatted to one side with considerable comfort by the division champions Burnley, a sideshow of rage that promises to...

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Northampton Town: David Cardoza Helps The Police With Their Inquiries

When Northampton Town threatened to tumble into insolvency in the latter stages of last year, what occurred was neither sudden nor particularly unexpected. It had been apparent to supporters for some considerable time that something was not going according to what might have been expected behind the scenes at Sixfields, and although the club’s sudden lurch into the realms of not meeting its financial obligations on time felt incongruous in comparison with the team’s performance on the pitch, that club chairman David Cardoza might have been looking for an out from the club perhaps shouldn’t have been a seismic...

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Twelve Million Holes At Sixfields, Northamptonshire

It’s been quite a while since a Football League club has been witnessed in full-on crisis mode. Salary cap legislation to limit the amount of money that owners could throw after bad in the pursuit of trinkets has been reasonably successful, and the number of football clubs at the lower end of its three divisions have been living reasonably quiet lives over the last couple of years or so. With this in mind, it always felt likely that it would take something fairly seismic to push another football club into any serious difficulty, but that time has come, and...

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Three Sides To Every Story: The Mystery Of Northampton Town’s Missing Stand, Part One

Fifty years ago this summer, the county town of Northampton was preparing for something very big indeed. At the end of the previous season, the local football team had crowned an astonishing four seasons with a third promotion during that time behind Newcastle United for a place in the First Division of the Football League on goal difference, the first time since its formation in 1897 that Northampton Town had graced the top flight of English football. It wasn’t a lengthy stay. The Cobblers lasted just one season in Division One before being relegated back from whence they came....

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