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The Unfortunate Torpor Of Newcastle United

It was the strangest thing, but Salomon Kalou’s clearly offside goal was so far offside that it kept Sam Allardyce in a job for the next few days or so. The press had been predicting for the last few days that defeat at Stamford Bridge would probably cost Allardyce his job, but Kalou’s goal was so far offside that the press focussed on that for a few days, allowing him to postpone his date with the hangman’s noose for a few more days. Unless anything enormously disastrous happens tonight against Manchester City, he’ll probably still there for this weekend’s FA Cup match against Stoke, and it’s difficult (even considering their recent form) to see them losing that match. I’d be surprised it Allardyce goes before the end of the season. He’s too stubborn to go voluntarily and, if the details of his financial package are correct, he might be too expensive to sack. I’m not, as you may be aware, a fan of Allardyce by any stretch of the imagination. I think that the much of the praise that he won at Bolton was overstated. His Bolton team was utterly joyless to watch and, whilst I understand that small clubs will always go down the route of making themselves difficult to beat, there will always be a low boiling point in the Premier League – a boiling point at...

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The Most Objectionable Player Of 2007

At any point over the last five years or so, Craig Bellamy would have been a shoo-in for any “Most Objectionable Player Of The Year” award, but Craig has had, by his own standards, a quiet year, so there can only be one winner in 2007 – Joey Barton. Now, I don’t know what the demons are that plague Barton’s mind and I’m no amateur psychologist (you’d noticed?), but his behaviour seems to be that of a deeply troubled individual. Manchester City did what they could to help him work out whatever issues he has but he seems almost pathologically unable to control him temper, and the result of this is that Barton is spending the New Year in prison, and could well be spending a lot more time there. Let’s have a quick look, then, at Barton’s CV (and you’ll note that there isn’t a great deal about his football career on it, because he hasn’t really achieved that much of note). In December 2004, at the Manchester City Christmas party, he stubbed a cigar in the eye of a reserve team player, and was fined a week’s wages for his troubles. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I stubbed a cigar out at my works Christmas party, I’d expect to go to to jail for a while rather than being fined a week’s wages, but...

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