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Morecambe: Fewer Owners, More Questions

On 23 February I posted about the complexity of the situation at Morecambe. Since then it has become a case of… Less Owners – More questions for the Shrimps. As events unwind at Morecambe and putative owners fall by the wayside, more puzzles seem to reveal themselves. The opacity of the football world and the endemic frustrations evoked support the arguments for the need for more transparency in the dealings around the game. If the club’s finances are hidden, how can fans be sure of the future stability of their club? Current events at Morecambe have provoked a number...

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Morecambe: Many Questions, No Answers 

So … how many owners does Morecambe FC really need?  There’s a bit of a dog fight going on over the bones of the club at the moment. No one seems to know exactly who holds the majority of its shares.  Club Chairman (still), Peter McGuigan says he sold them to Brazilian Qatari resident, Diego Lemos who may or may not have paid for them via a holding company, G50, set up for him by Graham Burnard of County Durham.  Burnard claims Lemos has not paid for that service and has resigned as Director of the company, so in...

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Match Of The Week: Barnet 1-1 Morecambe

One of the least desirable effects of the Football League’s absurdly disproportionate points deductions in League Two has been the comparative lack of competition at the bottom of the table. With Luton Town, Rotherham United and AFC Bournemouth having been deducted a massive amount of points between them over their recent financial difficulties, several clubs seem to be taking the opportunity to use this season as the chance for a break from having to try very hard, safe in the knowledge that they are unlikely to find themselves pulled into a serious relegation battle for this season at least. One such club is Barnet. When Sir John Betjeman wrote lovingly of the outer surburbs of London in “Metroland”, he was writing about the Metropolitan Line, but he could just as easily have been writing about the outer stretches of the Northern Line instead. As the London Underground pulls away from the centre of the city, the gaps between the stations get larger and the trains head out from the tunnels and into the open air and through Suburbia before coming to rest at High Barnet underground station. Barely two hundred yards from the station is Underhill, the less than palatial home of Barnet Football club. Barnet is a strange place – not quite London, yet not quite the Home Counties, which lie a handful of miles to the north....

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