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Mark Bright: Football Co-Commentator & All-Round Sage

Mark Murphy got a bee in his bonnet whilst watching the Sunday afternoon match between Newcastle United & Middlesbrough, and it came in the form of co-commentator Mark Bright. In the best interest of his sanity, we thought it that it would be for the best to let off steam on the subject here.

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Football In The Regions: The North-East

The second in our very occasional (by which I mean once a year or so) look at the history of regional football broadcasting on the television in Britain. Tonight, we take a look at the North-East of England, which features one of the most famous voices in Britain and occasional interludes for horse racing.

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Match Of The Week – Reading 0-2 Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough are trying to find an instant route back into the Premier League but, after a strong start, the wheels have come off their wagon a little of late. Their opposition this weekend, Reading, may be starting to offer cautionary tale on the dangers of not getting promoted straight back after relegation from the Premier League.

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