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Losing His Grip?

There was a time when one could have regarded Alex Ferguson as being “one of us” at the top end of English football. He was the former union shop steward from Govan, the supporter that had got lucky and, as many people were very quick to tell us, he had never forgotten his socialist background. The problem with that statement, though is that it is untrue. Alex Ferguson, now the proud owner of a knighthood, has forgotten his roots, and is now nothing more than just another rich man, dining out at the Premier League trough. If you wanted any further proof of this, it could be seen in the recent interview in the press, during which he bemoaned the atmosphere at the New Year’s Day match as being like a “funeral”, and also took the time to have a go at FC United and the Independent Manchester United Supporters Association for “not being the conscience” of Manchester United into the bargain. These are curious statements to come from a man so close to the centre of the Manchester United universe – a man who should really understand the dynamics of football crowds. When, then, did Ferguson start to lose touch? Was it when he accepted the knighthood? Was it when he took the Glazer shilling and started to decry those at Old Trafford that were unhappy at the...

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United We Stand

Well, there was a moderately interesting weekend of football played over the last couple of days, but I rather think that the novelty of friendlies has worn off, and I’m starting to get impatient for the full season to get under way. In the friendlies, Manchester United came a bit of a cropper by going down 2-1 at Preston (although they did field a team largely consisting of reserve team players and youth team players), and Spurs continued their decent warm-up form by beating Inter 2-1 at White Hart Lane. Of course, it doesn’t pay to read too much into this sort of result, although I was somewhat taken aback to see the BBC Website comment that Teemu Tainio’s performance was showing that there is “life after Michael Carrick”. One swallow does not a summer make. Inter may be the Italian champions (surprising, but true nevertheless), but this was only one friendly. Other than that… Fulham 0-0 Real Madrid. Still: at least Fulham got a better result against real than Plymouth did the other week. You never know – Michael Carrick may just end up regretting a move to Old Trafford. Sure, he’ll get to play in front of 73,000 people every other week and he’ll play in the European Cup, but the cracks are showing at Old Trafford. Giggs and Scholes are ageing rapidly. Van Nistelrooy stomped off...

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