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David Moyes May Need To Be Given A Chance To Have A Chance

By the time that the announcement had been made, it was starting to feel as if the appointment of David Moyes as the successor to Alex Ferguson at Manchester United was old news already. There had been an outside chance that the Glazers might held a sudden press conference at which they suddenly and unexpectedly announce that, contrary to all reporting over the previous couple of days, Dean Saunders was exactly the man that they had been looking for and that they were relieved that Wolves relieved him from his duties when they did, but the truth generally acknowledged became fact this afternoon with the confirmation that Moyes is the new manager of the club, on a six year contract. The right platitudes were given, tributes were all present and correct, and now a newish era can begin at Old Trafford. Continuity is probably the key behind this decision. After all, Moyes is Scottish, has been in one job for a considerable amount of time, and is, you rather get the impression, not the sort of person that you would want to make angry. Times, however, are a-changing at Old Trafford and the fact remains that stepping into Alex Ferguson’s shoes is not going to be an easy task. Ferguson lasted as long as he did in the job because he was the best. He kept winning, relentlessly, and...

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Staring Into the Post Champions League Void In England

Farewell, then, to Arsenal in this year’s Champions League, and by extension to England’s involvement in the competition. Given the apocalyptic nature of many of the predictions that were proffered for the club’s two-legged tie against Bayern Munich, perhaps emerging from the competition with their heads held high was about as much as the club could hope for. Bayern are clearly an excellent team, amongst the favourites to win this year’s competition and miles clear at the top of the Bundesliga, and after the first leg of the tie at The Emirates Stadium went about as badly for the home side as many – if not most – had expected it to, it was strongly suggested in the build-up to the match that Arsene Wenger was going to rest some of his first choice players in preparation for some critical forthcoming Premier League matches. As things turned out, however, his team gave a very good account of themselves in Germany last night and came desperately close to achieving what surely would have been the greatest result in the history of the club. If this Arsenal team was able to put in that sort of performance consistently, the large metaphorical cloud with the word “CRISIS!” etched into it which so often seems to be hovering over or near The Emirates Stadium might finally dissipate a little. In some respects, this...

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Is It Time For A Post-Match Cooling Off Period For Managers?

The language used by the Football Association can be most perplexing at times. In the aftermath of Sunday afternoon’s one-all draw at Tottenham Hotspur Sir Alex Ferguson was up to familiar tricks, holding the officials – and in particular assistant Simon Beck – responsible for his team dropping two points after having led for most of the match, whilst appearing to question not only their competence but also their impartiality. Ferguson has been doing this for years, to the extent that it has become something akin to received wisdom that he is merely playing a long game, indirectly harassing officials in the belief that this will come to benefit his club at dome indeterminate point in the future. To see Ferguson in the news yet again for such misdemeanours may not be much of a surprise, but he is far from the only Premier League manager who has been sucked in by this apparent belief that ‘mind games’ (it is surely only a matter of time before a Premier League club attempts to hire Derren Brown to have a brief ‘chat’ with the officials before matches) carries some sort of quantifiable benefit for their club, and grown men in sportswear surrendering their dignity in order to harangue the poor buggers charged with the – literally – thankless task of having to try and keep them under control long ago...

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