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That’s Entertainment – Or Not, As The Case May Be

For the modern football supporter, there are two types of investment associated with their role in going to matches. The first is emotional, a desire to win, a bond with the team or with the club. The second is, in the modern game, financial. Attending a football match is, for a majority of supporters these days, no longer a matter of pitching up at five minutes to three on a Saturday afternoon with a handful of coins and paying an insignificant amount of money for a couple of hours’ cheap entertainment. There are logistics to take into account, and then there is the small matter of the fact that, in the Premier League, a season ticket is a sizable investment against which supporters might hope to make some sort of return. Last night at Old Trafford, both Manchester United and Chelsea failed in their quest to entertain, but as professional football increasingly becomes part of the entertainment industry it becomes easier to forget that this concept of “entertainment” remains riddles with qualifiers in sport. As we are perpetually reminded, professional football in the twenty-first century is a results business, and neither Jose Mourinho or David Moyes will have emerged from last night’s match considering the result to have been disastrous. But that small matter of entertainment – especially in an era during which it has clear that the interests...

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The 200% Premier League Pre-Season: Manchester United

With the joy of achievement comes the burden of expectation, and there at few football clubs on the entire planet at which that burden is higher than Manchester United. Over the last twenty-one years, this club has enjoyed a period of success unprecedented in the entire history of English football, and unlike other periods of dominance at other clubs in the past, this one has been cemented in place by the reliance on ready money that professional football now requires and the lopsided nature of the distribution of that money, both through the Premier League and the Champions League, this one seems unlikely to end at any time in the foreseeable future. And yet, and yet. Those who have hoped and prayed for an end to Manchester United’s dominance of the Premier League always had one moment upon which their hopes were pinned. All of United’s success had come under the managership of Sir Alex Ferguson, but he would have to retire one day. What then? Well, now that day has come, and we will find out. Ferguson’s retirement from the managerial position at Old Trafford was the biggest single football story of last season, and the second biggest was that of who would replace him. That burden has fallen upon the shoulders of David Moyes, of course, and the level of scrutiny that Moyes is under is already...

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David Moyes May Need To Be Given A Chance To Have A Chance

By the time that the announcement had been made, it was starting to feel as if the appointment of David Moyes as the successor to Alex Ferguson at Manchester United was old news already. There had been an outside chance that the Glazers might held a sudden press conference at which they suddenly and unexpectedly announce that, contrary to all reporting over the previous couple of days, Dean Saunders was exactly the man that they had been looking for and that they were relieved that Wolves relieved him from his duties when they did, but the truth generally acknowledged became fact this afternoon with the confirmation that Moyes is the new manager of the club, on a six year contract. The right platitudes were given, tributes were all present and correct, and now a newish era can begin at Old Trafford. Continuity is probably the key behind this decision. After all, Moyes is Scottish, has been in one job for a considerable amount of time, and is, you rather get the impression, not the sort of person that you would want to make angry. Times, however, are a-changing at Old Trafford and the fact remains that stepping into Alex Ferguson’s shoes is not going to be an easy task. Ferguson lasted as long as he did in the job because he was the best. He kept winning, relentlessly, and...

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