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The 200% Premier League Pre-Season: Manchester City

Between now and the start of the new season, we’ll be writing up all twenty of the Premier League clubs before it all kicks off again. If you’re here looking for the very latest transfer gossip, though, you’ll likely be disappointed by stopping off here. Quite asides from anything else, it’s not even August yet (a necessity borne of the fact that these have got to be written around work commitments, amongst much else), and most of the transfer rumours circulating at the moment are the result of the fevered imaginations of the sort of fifteen year-olds who spend their lives on Twitter pretending to be agents. Others doubtlessly be along in the coming weeks to fill you in on that sort of thing. There can be few greater signs of the times than the dismissal of Roberto Mancini from the position of being the manager of Manchester City Football Club at the end of last season. A second place finish in the Premier League and a place in the FA Cup final would have been just about unthinkable for this club a decade ago but, propelled into a parallel universe of brain-numbing affluence and the levels of expectation that comes with such lavish expenditure, being the bridesmaid doesn’t cut it at The Etihad Stadium these days and Mancini, the man who had brought the English championship to the...

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Content To Be Consumed: The FA & Its Cup In The Twenty-First Century

In the year of its one hundred and fiftieth anniversary, we might have expected that the Football Association would want to make this year’s FA Cup Final a special one. In some respects, they have got a match that has a number of interesting enough back-stories. One of the competing teams is the former non-league club, the first ever to appear in the finals of both the FA Trophy and the FA Cup, and one which, although it has resided in the Premier League for the last eight years, fills the role of the underdog quite neatly. And then, on the other hand, we have the club fuelled by the petrodollar-rich billionaires, but this club is not yet jaded by the notion of winning trophies year in, year out. Wigan Athletic versus Manchester City is an FA Cup Final with a little bite to it. All of this, however, reckons without the awesome powers of the Football Association to do their best to debase the very competition that bears their name. Their decision to play this season’s final at 5.15 in the afternoon would be funny, if it weren’t for the obvious ramifications of such a decision. Supporters from both Wigan and Manchester will have to make a round journey of around four hundred miles to get to this match, and the later the kick-off time is, the more...

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