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The Luis Suarez Show Puts Mansfield Town In The Shade

Life isn’t fair and cheats often prosper. How unpalatable such statements are doesn’t alter how true they are, and it may be especially galling for the supporters of Mansfield Town that the valiant efforts of their team this afternoon will be overshadowed by a predictable row over the handled goal that eventually won a tumultuous FA Cup Third Round match for Liverpool this afternoon. Having conceded an early goal to debutant Daniel Sturridge, it might have been easy for the Blue Square Bet Premier side to have buckled and folded all together, but they kept their calm and put in a performance that is worthy of greater praise than it is likely to receive. Indeed, had their goal come ten minutes earlier, there is every chance that we would be talking about a replay and asking the question of how Liverpool had managed to fail to beat a non-league side club in the FA Cup. The headlines tomorrow morning, however, will all be about Luis Suarez, whose appearance from the substitutes bench and subsequent handled goal gave Liverpool a gap which proved to be too great for Mansfield Town to be able to bridge. In order to be able to properly assess whether this goal should have stood or not, we are charged with the tortuous task of referring back not only to FIFA’s Laws of The Game, but...

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