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Liverpool Edge The Clash Of The Titans

One nil to the Liverpool. For the third consecutive time this season Liverpool won by a single goal in the Premier League, but these three points may well prove to be worth more than the other six were. Manchester United, albeit a flat, lifeless Manchester United playing in the manner of a facsimile of the team that cantered to the Premier League championship last season, were the vanquished team this afternoon, ending a run of four matches without a win in this most vituperative of local derbies and providing a glimpse of one team that finally seems to be turning a corner and one that showed an unnerving lack of conviction for a match of such importance. The goal that settled the match came early, and was scored by one of the greenest shoots of Liverpool’s season so far. After just three minutes had been played, a corner from the right was headed goal-wards and Sturridge, displaying both presence of mind and intelligence, flicked the ball between the two defenders on the goal line and in to give Liverpool the lead. After such an opening and such a trail in the days building up to the match, we have expected further fireworks, but this was a game that never caught light and at full-time the volume rose from the crowd to a crescendo as much from a sense of...

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Liverpool & Manchester United: A Tale Of Two Cities

Tomorrow afternoon at Anfield, Liverpool and Manchester United will take the pitch for their first meeting of the season. When broadcasters talk in cliché about the passion and suchlike of the game in this country, it is for these matches that the volume levels reach their apotheosis and for the two clubs to be meeting this early in the season will show a global audience a visceral edge to the Premier League that we haven’t yet seen this season. But over the last couple of decades this rivalry has at times become something more poisonous. A swivel-eyed minority with a tendency to shout the loudest have frequently come to hijack the narrative of a fixture which carries a subtext that reaches far beyond the mere watching of a sport. Liverpool versus Manchester United is a story of two different cultures that grew both together and apart out of the crucible that was the industrial revolution, but it’s also a story of two football clubs that have as much in common as they have differences. These are two of the great institutions of English football, with stories stretching back to the nineteenth century which touch upon both triumph and tragedy, at different parts in the history of our game, they have dominated the landscape like behemoths, breaking records and holding their own amongst the very best in the world. And...

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The 200% Premier League Pre-Season: Liverpool

Between now and the start of the new season, we’ll be writing up all twenty of the Premier League clubs before it all kicks off again. If you’re here looking for the very latest transfer gossip, though, you’ll likely be disappointed by stopping off here. Quite asides from anything else, it’s the third week in July (a necessity borne of the fact that these have got to be written around work commitments, amongst much else), so most of the transfer rumours circulating at the moment are the result of the fevered imaginations of the sort of fifteen year-olds who spend their lives on Twitter pretending to be agents. Others doubtlessly be along in the coming weeks to fill you in on that sort of thing. It is, considering the events of the last couple of years or so, hardly surprising that what may or yet may not be the coda to the tumultuous spell that Luis Suarez has had with Liverpool Football Club should be playing out like a protracted soap opera. Suarez has never been with the greatest of public relations, and when he stated at the very start of the summer that the British press was the was the single biggest reason for his desire to leave Anfield, he was setting himself up for accusations of using duplicitous language. The Real Madrid tapping up machine that might...

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